Three Modern Princesses

Alan Pattison September 5, 2019
Retold Fairy Tales
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The three princesses were enjoying themselves walking through the New Forest on a bright autumn morning as the trees were beginning to change colour into rich browns and even reds and purples when it came to the beeches. They all thought they knew they way almost perfectly to get through to the little village on the other side where there was good tea and cake to be had just by the village green.
After a very short walk Princess Diana said to the others” This tree is not where it should be as there normall is a small stream down there. Either of you know what has happened?”
“I hope that we are not lost.” said Diana. “I have heard stories about a scary man who lives somewhere around here and is not good to meet.”
“Let’s get him first.” said Princess Margaret.

“How will we do that?” asked Princesss Elizabeth.

“By walking carefully and silently while listening out for anyone else around. “said Princess Margaret.
So it was that the three of them were creeping through the forest later looking around everywhere

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