Chloe and the three witches written by Elizabeth Langford October 2023

Elizabeth Langford November 2, 2023
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there was once a determined young witch named Chole who dreamed of being a great sorceress as shimmering spells of love beauty and desire and mystic spells of death and immortality were coveted most Chloe was certain she would be sought after as her mother lay dying she handed Chloe a silver coin I have taught you all I can she said this is my third story on the list take this coin to Sherrie there you will find my sisters your three aunts who are witches and they will help you dressed in sackcloth Chloe set out for Sherrie a little fairy appeared before her now before long she met an astonishingly beautiful young woman with golden hair and bottomless blue eyes the fairy was called Freya as they were headed in the same direction they decided to travel together at nightfall Chloe cast a simple spell and started a fire the magic was very powerful she shared her plans to become a great sorceress the spell was very useful I have learned to start a fire and make flowers bloom out of season she said but to be a great sorceress I must learn the spell of love and desire and beauty and immortality there was a naughty witch there beauty is everything said the beautiful golden-haired woman her azure eyes sparkling in the firelight look at me I have been throughout the country and I am certain I am the most beautiful woman to be found beauty is the spell you should learn then reaching inside the folds of her golden frock she handed Chloe a simple white clay statue she handed but if you would be tempted to learn immortality
you will need this she said thank you said Chole taking the statue then tucking it away inside her belonging they fell asleep the Halloween season is finished now the next morning the stranger was gone leaving Chloe to travel the rest of the dark dismal path alone she arrived in Sherrie before dusk and went directly to her first aunt’s home upon knocking she was greeted by a fat woman with twinkling eyes and a generous smile
I have been expecting you child she said happily and ushered Chloe inside a heart shaped cabin smelling of baked goods have a treat while I prepare what spell have you to teach me? asked Chloe munching on a heart shaped chocolate cookie I have only one spell to teach said her aunt in a voice filled with love use it wisely and only for others then she went into another room and returned minutes later with a new iron kettle a rose a four leaf clover and one single thorn with a wave of her hand the first aunt started a fire under the kettle and then added each ingredient as she spoke the light was very bright the story was true this is my spell for love a new kettle not yet worn with use a rose a thorn and a clover for love will bloom each a new with a luck but will also be piercing and painful at times they practised until dawn and after resting Chloe prepared to visit her second aunt do you remember something for me child? asked her aunt remembering the silver coin chole passed it on her aunt in turn gave Chloe a gold coin when you reach my third sister give her nothing except the coin given to you she said Chloe agreed. and with this warning they said farewell after a time Chloe arrived at home of her second aunt upon knocking she was greeted by a tall woman with hair of fire and a precocious smile I have been expecting you child she said teasingly and Chloe entered a small house smelling of perfume and incense and everything inside was as red as its owner’s hair she had a wand in her hand light a candle while I prepare what spell have you to teach me? Chloe asked as she busied herself lighting the room the land was very flat I have only one spell to teach said the second aunt in a low breathy voice filled with cunning and intrigue use it wisely and only for others the path was very straight then she went into another room and reappeared with a kettle grey from overuse a wild mushroom a knife and a cup of water with a nod of her head a fire started under the kettle and the second aunt added each ingredient as she spoke

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