Elizabeth Langford as a fairy written by Elizabeth Langford Augest 2023

Elizabeth Langford November 7, 2023
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My eyes are blue I was minding my own business and I have a little story to tell that a little sugar plum fairy called Scheherazade was standing there I didn’t mean to be rude this is my ninth story on the list but I couldn’t help but stare there was just something about her which is a little bit of magic it was the middle of the story that I couldn’t tell if I was something in her eyes or maybe if it was just something about how Scheherazade looked in my hair the only thing I knew for certain was that there was not another fairy like her in that room the land was very still not a one little fairy who could even slightly compare I went into my head asking all those familiar questions we all know the path was very straight the fairy who is that fairy? what is that fairy doing? and then yes even the when is that fairy going to come? and where is the fairy going? I walked up to Scheherazade in what I thought was strong and confident with reasonable care but when I got to my table the walk was very long all I could see was her eyes they took me right out of my cold and sweaty despair Scheherazade was so wonderful Scheherazade was so free nothing else mattered right then those moments belonged to her eyes and my we talked for hours and hours we laughed when the walk was very straight and long Scheherazade even cried now but when the night was over I knew I had met my angel the soul I know I could finally confide it was an empirical miracles everything is a miracle there is a lot of evidence to back it up but nothing empirical and if Scheherazade tell the wrong person they’ll find her hysterical miracles are empirical where the shadow was very bright everything is a miracle where the magic was very strong what evidence does Scheherazade have for that empirical? ha yea right you’re hysterical there are some mistaken rhymes where the rainbow was very colourful when Scheherazade did try rhyming words does Scheherazade ever wonder if her rhyme has already taken? if her rhyme there is probably a good chance that the rhyme may be the same but the light was very bright if they say the message is too long just let Scheherazade know now the lead was there Elizabeth was mistaken now and then if the fairies ask Scheherazade who are you to talk to me like this? just tell them Miss. Scheherazade the sugar plum fairy after all it’s always to leave them with a little mystery there are some new fairy people in fairyland I always get shy when meeting someone who is new I never know what to say but if Scheherazade is aware there are a lot of things Scheherazade could do for instance Scheherazade could say hey or Scheherazade could ask me how was my day? or and this next one might sound just Might Sound just a little cliche but the dance was very beautiful if Scheherazade can’t think of anything to say Scheherazade could still just walk away ok? my hands are very beautiful please understand the world was very magical nothing else matters now when Scheherazade me by the hands I didn’t even need the best laid plans with her touch I’ve already found my hold land when the sun was shining in the sky I’d admit it on the witness stand the sky was blue cause when I’m with Scheherazade I feel leader of the way on our way the fairies were very friendly to the promised lands anything Scheherazade wish is my command so please just take my hands one more time let’s live our lives on demand our wishes will come true the wish was granted by me we are like that oasis in the desert hidden among the many grains of sand the dreams were true and even if everything goes unplanned together forever we will withstand cause with one touch of her hands Scheherazade you changed my plans my plans for the future and my views of my past they didn’t mean a thing our worlds were ignited at very long last now I can rest my head easy and find Scheherazade in my dreams the world seems much smaller now and everything we’ve always wanted is much closer than it once might have seemed I will leave you with this one last point to make I believe in myself although I know not yet all I can take speak blessings of your angel when it happens to Scheherazade too I did now I am finally awake when we finally see clear we know that life is just the game so never stop playing after all it’s all for making her name there were deep emotions some fairy were there emotion just run so deep they’re not easy to hide the story was true Scheherazade can tell who these fairy people are by how they make Scheherazade feel on the inside also they tend to be unfamiliar kind but I’m sure of that that Scheherazade doesn’t mind there are problems now tell me your problems even after I’m dead I am forever her friend through it all even through the end so Scheherazade will give me the answers? I’ll give Scheherazade what I can there was the kiss in fairyland I see the fairy girls and I know they want me to go in for the kiss the problem is all the fairy girls I want to kiss I lose the guts to do it I will be strong when she died everyone told me to be strong how were they supposed to know their advice was so wrong? the truth is I have always been strong I have been strong all along and although I appreciate all the advice that Scheherazade seem to all be giving for Scheherazade’s sake though please take your own advice Please just start living the birds are very small they only sing to us they have seen us as equals ever since they learned that we knew how they flew Elizabeth Langford I saw her I didn’t know her name yet and Scheherazade didn’t know mine and that was just fine because I learned your name and Scheherazade learned mine then one day it was funny we both couldn’t remember a time that I didn’t know her name and Scheherazade didn’t know mine an orphaned wolf a polar bear a wolf and a bear together? that’s really rare it is but try not to stare I’ll bet it happens all the time with them though that duo they probably don’t even care what is a fairy friend? dead end start the path for my life started on a dead end whenever I’d the turn around in the road it was always a new place begin and I will never back down and simply give in and relinquish that’s too easy the paths to begin again most often can blend and be hard don’t go through this life so briefly give it your all love completely because when the path for her life start out on a dead end whenever Scheherazade reach the turn around in the road It will always be a new place to begin and when no matter how many times we would to that place again and again and again no matter how many time No Matter on that particular road it always still come to an end but one day Scheherazade decided not to turn to keep walking Through and I followed her it was of no matter where Scheherazade was going It Was of no Matter Where You were Going it was just something Scheherazade felt Scheherazade needed to do I’ll never quite know what made me keep walking that day other then I was also trying to find something new I just wanted to continue walking too the reason I had no clue but the path kept going and going there is no need to turn around and The Further we Walked into the Woods the easier it was to distinguish all of nature’s beautiful sounds no more hustling and bustling of the cars driving by just the rustling of the leaves on the ground there was something else in the woods with us too if only we had knew it was late and we were tired and decided to sit down on the ground I drew a picture of a fairy friend in my notebook and I also drew a map of his home town and after our nap with me Scheherazade and her fairy friend this was to be our quest to explore our new playground before anyone else on the bank this is the story of the life behind the dreams we run we play we climb we sing but we’re always just swimming in the stream but then one day when Scheherazade is closest to her fears and sinking moving she ever closer to her brink Scheherazade find that Scheherazade can touch the bottom Scheherazade can never really sink her darkest fears they will bring a little butterfly then they will suddenly cease to be as Scheherazade make her way to the bank and next the land of fairyland will lead the skies will open up to her as Scheherazade left wondering in the forest now Scheherazade was the shadow of the light now the story ends now

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