Elizabeth Langford as a fairy written by Elizabeth Langford Augest 2023

Elizabeth Langford November 6, 2023
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My eyes are blue I was minding my own business and I have a little story to tell that a little sugar plum fairy called Scheherazade was standing there I didn’t mean to be mean this is my ninth story on the list but I couldn’t help but stare there was just something about her which is a little bit of magic it was the middle of the story that I couldn’t tell if I was something in her eyes or maybe if it was just something about how Scheherazade looked in my hair the only thing I knew for certain was that there was not another fairy like her in that room the land was very still not a one little fairy who could even slightly compare I went into my head asking all those familiar questions we all know the path was very straight the fairy who is that fairy? what is that fairy doing? and then yes even the when is that fairy going to come? and where is the fairy going?

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