Gaston Has a Heart

Lindsey Callahan December 20, 2017
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Gaston Has a Heart Too…
Every morning I wake up and ask myself, “Why, Gaston? Why must you be the one who has been cursed with such good looks?” Being so admirable is not as simple as it seems. Women all around the village are so eager to marry me and they just will not leave me alone! Can they not see that I only have my eye on one lady? That is right, one lady! I have always loved her, but she never gives me the time of day. I have no idea why! What is there not to like about Gaston? I am strong, quick and lets not forget the most important thing-handsome!
Her name is Belle. Ah, even her name makes me quiver. She is unlike the rest of the girls in the village- she is unique. It is almost as if she was made for me to love her. I want her and I to live in his village together. She would be such a great addition to my life and everyone would be jealous. Her strong will and independence makes me swoon over her. Yes you heard it correctly, I, Gaston is swooning over Belle. I shall make her mine and we shall be the talk of the village once I marry her in front of everyone.
Ah, there she is! My lady is walking towards me right at this moment!
“Gaston, I don’t want anything to do with you and you know that!” said Belle. She is just uncertain of her feelings. I tell myself that as I walk home and begin to cry. On my way home I see Belle’s father on the side of the street and he looks very injured. I run to the side of the road and come to his assistance.
“Sir, are you okay? Do you need my help?” I ask as I lend my hand out for him to grab.
“Please help me, I have fallen and I need to get home to my daughter,” Belle’s father says.
“Let’s go. I shall take you home to Belle and be her hero,” I say under my breathe while I take him with me to his house.
“Why thank you! You are such a kind man,” he replies.
I take him down the road on my shoulder and we arrive at Belle’s house. I ring the doorbell and say “Belle it is me, Gaston! I have found your dad! Please open up!”
“Go away Gaston! I know you are lying,” Belle replied.
“No he’s telling the truth Belle! Open up!” Belle’s father said.
Belle opens the door immediately and takes her father down from Gaston’s shoulders.
“Father I am so sorry! What happened?” Belle said.
“I was walking throughout the village when suddenly I tripped and couldn’t get back up. Then this nice young man came to my rescue!” Belle’s father said as he pointed in my direction.
“Why isn’t that sweet of you Gaston! Maybe I had wrong perceptions of you. Thank you for helping my father! How could I repay you?” Belle asked me.
I was so amazed. This is my moment! Belle has finally noticed me and has taken interested in me.
“Belle you could repay me by letting me take you out for dinner tomorrow night,” I say eager for her response.

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