Little sister the story of selectar and the nine brothers written by Elizabeth Langford April 2023

Elizabeth Langford November 14, 2023
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there was once a little woman who had nine sons they were good boys and loved her dearly but there was one thing about which they were always complaining why haven’t we a little sister? they kept asking do give us a little sister when the time came that another child was to be born they said to their mother if the baby is a boy we are going away and you will never see us again but if it is a little girl then we shall stay home and take care of itthe mother agreed that if the child were a girl she would have her husband put a spindle outside on the gatepost and if it were a boy an axe just wait she said and see what your father Just wait puts on the gatepost and then you will know whether it is another brother God sent you or a little sister the baby turned out to be a girl and the mother was overjoyed her name is Leah hurry husband she cried and put a spindle on the gatepost so that our nine sons may know the good news this is my thirteenth story on the list the man was her husband did so and then quickly returned to the mother and the baby Leah was a very beautiful little baby there was a little fairy appeared in front her name is Bertha the moment he was gone Seletar slipped up and changed the tokens this is a little tale she changed the spindle and put it in its place an axe then with an evil grin she hurried off mumbling to herself the magic was very strong now we’ll what we’ll see the story was true she hoped to bring trouble and grief and she succeeded Leah was very beautiful she was very sweet the garden was very pretty as soon as the nine sons saw the axe on the gatepost the flowers were very sweet they thought their mother had given birth to another son and at once they thought their the world was very magical they left home vowing never to return the story was very long the mother waited for them and waited what is keeping my sons? she cried at last it was the middle of the story now go out to the gate husband and see if they are coming the man went out and soon returned bringing back word that someone had changed the tokens the fairies were very friendly the spindle that I put on the gatepost is gone he said and in its place is an axe alas cried poor mother some evil creature has done this to spite us the world was very enchanted oh if we could only get word to our sons of the little sister they were so eager to have but there was no way to reach them for no one knew the way they had gone in a short time the husband died and the poor woman abandoned by her nine sons hand only her little daughter left the dream was true she named the child Leah was a dear little girl and her face was as beautiful as her heart was good whenever she found her mother weeping alone she tried to comfort her and as she grew older she wanted to know the cause of her mother’s grief the story was true now at last the mother told her about her nine brothers and how they had gone away never to owing to trick of some evil creature my poor mother she cried the wish was granted by Bertha the little fairy how sorry I am the innocent cause of your loss let me go out into the world and my brothers when once they hear the truth they will gladly come home to you to care for you in your old age at first the mother would not consent to this you are all I have she said and I should indeed be miserable and lonely if anything happened to you but Leah continued to weep every time she thought of her brothers driven unnecessarily from home and at last the mother realising that she would nevermore be happy unless she allowed to go in search of them gave up opposing her the story was true

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