New Year’s surprise for the bear

Diana Mefodeva January 21, 2019
Animals, Fable, Kids
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Once upon a time, there was a little house in the forest, and in it lived a big brown bear. He was alone. But one winter day he made a friend. It was a little girl who lived near the forest. She was pretty and loved holidays.
On the New Year’s day, the big bear decided to decorate the New Year’s tree for the little girl. He looked around. Then he looked into his little house, scratched his head, got different things and began to put them on the New Year’s tree. On the New Year’s tree appeared: felt boots, tin cans, socks, a pan, a scarf and a book. The bear looked at the tree and sat down on a stump waiting for the girl. After a few hours, the little girl ran in. The bear was delighted and shouted: ‘Look, little girl! It is a New Year’s tree for you! It is a very beautiful tree!’
But the girl cried and said that the New Year’s tree is not decorated with such things! The girl ran back home. The bear was upset even more. He felt lonely again. He went to his little house in the forest and decided to never leave it.
The next morning the bear woke up from a strange noise. He looked out of the window and saw that yesterday’s tree was decorated with coloured balls and sweets, and the little girl played a very beautiful melody on the flute. The girl saw the bear and shouted to him: ‘Look, bear! It is the New Year’s tree for you! Happy New Year!’ The big bear walked outside, saw a beautiful New Year’s tree and cried from the joy, he was so happy like never before!
It was a real New Year’s surprise for the bear!

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