One Clear Shot

Taylor Ramsey December 15, 2017
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Taylor Ramsey
Mrs. Bauer
Creative Writing
26 September 2017
One Clear Shot
I read a short story from the book called, “Five-Minute Mysteries” written by Ken Weber. The short story I read was called “One Clear shot” and I can honestly say out of the four I read this one is by far my favorite. This story is written from the shooters perspective, how he was sitting, how he was breathing, it was so full of description it gave me the chills almost after every paragraph. The mood through the story is filled with mysterious tones and so much suspense. The setting of the story is placed in New England. Through the story the man behind the weapon describes why and how he plans on making his “One Clear Shot” to the man that tried to ruin his life, not only does the writer put you in his shoes, but he also gives you the full background of why he is doing what he is doing, it is sort of like he is trying to get the audience’s approval before he makes the shot. I loved this short story because I never once felt confused after reading something as complicated as this story could have been. I would recommend this story to whomever heart it gets beating as fast as mine did just by reading the first sentence.

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