Prince of Orange

Bitcoin Graffiti June 27, 2022
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A widowed fisherman had three daughters
And were living in a village next to a lake
One day the youngest noticed the water was rising
Water was flowing in from a weird looking river

When she came close to the river
She saw what was so strange about it
The river was flowing uphill
It originated from a cave below the lake

Curious as she was she went into the cave
It was very dark down there
Until she went so deep
That she came to a room that was lit

In that room she saw a large Magic Mirror
She looked into it and saw her mother
She also observed that the water flow
Was originating from the Mirror

Then a terrible Wizard appeared
”So you have figured out my little secret”, he said.
”This Mirror moves future water into the present
Therefore it flows backwards into the lake.”

“But others cannot know I’m doing this
Therefore I will have to take your voice
So that you cannot warn the people of the lake.”
And ZAP, he transported her voice through the Mirror.

She ran out of the cave
And tried to warn the people about the Mirror
But nobody could hear what she said
For all her words arrived too late

She wept and wept and wept
For she didn’t know what to do
Then in the distance, she saw sunlight
Shining on a castle not too far away.

The glow seemed warm and inviting
So she started walking towards it
When she arrived there stood an old castle
Which was surrounded by a green meadow.

The drawbridge came down
And out walked an old man dressed in orange
He took her by the hand
And they together walked inside the castle

The courtyard had an orange tree in the middle
They walked to the tree and the old man said:
”I know about the Magic Mirror and the lake.
I tried to warn them, but they wouldn’t listen.”

“Instead I have taken care of this magic orange tree.
The water it drains out of the lake is stored in its oranges.
It is a very thirsty tree and makes big roots
It can move the earth.”

The old man gave her a bag of seeds
And asked her if she could plant them around the castle
For he was too old to do this job
But it was crucial it was done.

She planted all the seeds around the castle
It was a very tiring job
So she found a room inside with a big bed
And slept for 210.000 blocks

She woke up
The castle was now on a big mountain top
Surrounded by trees with juicy oranges
The old man she had forgotten

The girl was thirsty from her sleep
She therefore shook one of the trees
A juicy orange fell down and she took a bite.
She screamed loud. Her voice was back.

Now she could warn the village at the lake
The castle was so high up, it took time to get down
Once down she knew it was too late
The village had been flooded and everybody was gone

She went back to the Magic Mirror
And saw her mother reflected once again
This time she tried to pull her out
But as she did, her future self fell back into her.

The Mirror broke and the river reversed
When she walked out of the cave
She saw everybody celebrating
As the lake was back to normal

After the party she suddenly remembered the old man
She went back to the castle to thank him
She searched the entire place but the old man was gone
Only a note, an orange dress and a little bag she found in garden

The note said: “You have broken my curse
And I have returned to my original seed
When you are ready, please plant me in the garden
Kisses. From the Orange Prince.”

She put on her orange dress
And became Princess of the Orange Citadel
It took her another 210.000 blocks
Before she finally planted that seed

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