Rass and his Wonderful Winter Adventure

Anne Atzlinger January 21, 2019
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It was a wonderful Winter day in the woods. As it was such a fine day there was to be a party that evening and all the animals were very happy and excited.All except for Rass. Rass was a strange animal in appearance. He looked like a cross between a squirrel and a rat but he was very brave and friendly. Because of this all the animals loved him and they had invited him to go to the party. Today however he was feeling rather scared. He knew that he had to go through a snowy woodland to get to the party and he didn’t like snow. At the edge of the wood he decided to start off off by crawling on his tummy. A little way in, he stood up to look around. To his surprise he found that his fur was covered in iclcles and his tail had gone stiff!
Now he wasn’t only scared, he was also covered in icicles! He knew that if you feel worried it helps to sing a song or to dance. He started to jump up and down, humming a tune at the same time.
As he did so, the icicles started to make a jingling noise. This is fun, he thought, as his little tune turned into a merry version of jingle bells. Soon he was feeling much better and as he became quite warm from his exercise the icicles started to melt. With the icicles melting on his
coat, he began to feel cold and he started to shiver. “Why are you shivering?“ came a voice from somewhere nearby, but Rass couldn’t see anyone. He looked up, he looked down, he looked all around but he could only see snow everywhere.
Suddenly a little white rabbit popped out of the snow, shaking herself and then springing to land on top of the snow with her big flat feet. It was Bobsi the rabbit. “Now, said Bobsi, why are you shivering and how can I help you?“
Rass explained that he didn’t like snow but that he had to go through the snowy woodland to get to the party. “Don’t like snow, exclaimed Bobsi, but snow is fun and there’s so much you can do in the snow. I‘ll accompany you to the party, but first of all we must have a snowball fight!“ and without hesitating she rolled lots of little snowballs together with her big hind feet. Rass looked on in amazement. He was just wondering whatever Bobsi was doing when suddenly she started firing the snowballs at him! It seemed like so much fun that Rass joined in and soon they were having a great snowball fight which led them deeper and deeper into the wood. Bobsi jumped whenever a snowball came in her direction so that each time the snowballs flew past her. All of a sudden another voice shouted “ouch, stop that at once!“
They both froze in their tracks and looked around. Suddenly a big pile of snow landed on top of them. As they looked up to see where it had come from, they spotted Corky the crow bouncing up and down on a branch causing the snow to spray all over them. “That’s what you get for throwing snowballs at me he cawed!“ Rass and Babsy looked rather funny peeping out of the snow. “We’re sorry“, called Rass. “We didn’t mean to hit you“ said Bobsi. “Alright, alright“, he cawed, and flew down to land beside them on the snow. “What are you doing here in the woods?“he asked. “We are going to a party,“ they replied. “A party ? I‘ve never been to a party, if I help to dig you out of the snow, can I come along?“ It was agreed and so Corky did his best to dig his friends out of the snow with his big strong beak.
Soon they were free and the three friends set off in the direction of
the clearing in the wood where the party was to be held.

After a while of walking through the snow, past tall glistening trees, their branches heavily hung with the snow Rass said, “we have been walking for so long now, are you sure you know the way?“
They all stopped, looked left and right, Corky flew up above one of the trees but it was hard to see back down through them because of the snow.. They were surely lost and it would soon be getting dark.
In the distance they could see something white and spikey appearing from behind a tree. It was a beautiful white wolf..She came carefully and gracefully towards them her head slightly bowed, wearing a sparkling crown of icicles. “I am the Queen of these woods and I have been watching you, she said, “what are you doing in my woods?“ They all fell silent, they had heard about Wolfina that she was a good and kind queen and here she was standing in front of them! Little Bobsi spoke up, “Your Majesty we are going to a party in these woods, but we have lost our way“
Wolfina smiled, and as she spoke she swayed from side to side.
“Ah the party, it’s being held in my honor, come with me and we will go there together…but first of all we have to travel down a small slope.“ Rass, Bobsi and Corky looked alarmed. “ Don’t worry we will make a sledge and I will pull you.“ They tied three logs together with twine and Wolfina held the ends in her mouth. The three friends jumped onto the sledge and off they went. It was fun and in no time they had arrived at the clearing where the party was to be held in Wolfina‘s honor. The clearing was beautifully decorated. Instead of fairy lights there were fairy icicles hanging from the trees. Red berries peeping out of the snow on some of the branches looked like tiny red jewels. Everything was glistening and shining in the moonlight..
All the animals had formed a circle waiting for Wolfina‘s arrival.
It was a strange sight to see their Queen enter, pulling a sledge behind her with the three friends holding on tightly. First of all there was silence but then all the animals bowed and then cheered loudly. That was their Queen and she cared about all of them.
Once Wolfina had taken her place on the throne of ice and branches which had been carefully made for her, the party began. The animals danced and sang until the early morning and then each slept in his or her own little snow bed. They were all happy to have had such a lovely party and to have seen their Queen Wolfina. But do you know who was the happiest? It was Rass, because he had overcome his fear of snow and had carried on his journey through the wood. He could have turned back, but he didn’t and so he not only made new friends he also had a wonderful adventure!

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