Romeo And Juliet Retold

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    It kicks off like this, a tad bit romantic,
    seducing, bewitching and other feminine tactics,
    used to captivate, to cajole the one and only,
    whom if mentioned at this stage could be risky.

    It began one fine night at a masquerade ball,
    where when she entered, amazed she left them all.
    How little they knew this infamous game of deception,
    but it was him who shall be stunned- that was her intention.

    So she veiled herself with a mask in his presence,
    appearing so delicate, so innocent, so pleasant.
    Without a doubt, he too was beyond astonished,
    and smitten; this task she effortlessly accomplished.

    Now came the part when she physically made her move,
    luring him in slowly, toying with him like she’s meant to.
    By the side, Sir Capulet stood, watching with appreciation,
    her succeeding the game plan: Montague’s destruction.

    This family feud was to cost him, this much he knew,
    but to see his rival vulnerable were steps that he’d pursue.
    For it was them who’d once left him enduring their wrath,
    and so his daughter was the bait who was to follow this path.

    With a smile so sinister, she once gazed at her appearance,
    Prepared for the next day- no giving up, no interference.
    And like planned, she proceeded to keep her father content,
    But once, she knew not why, this scheme she wanted to prevent.

    That night, once she’d slept, an intruder dared to break in,
    Though it was none other than Romeo- who was to be her victim.
    To his relief, she remained asleep, and with a devious smirk,
    He did what he came for: something that cannot be disclosed.

    That day still remains a mystery, and so many now assume,
    What had been the cause for Juliet’s death- or rather, who.
    Perhaps suicide? Or murder? No evidence left for proof.
    And to this day we were told a twisted tale so untrue.

    Happy endings are overrated, not everything turns out merry,
    Every story has an ending- one just might explain reality.
    But who’s to believe what Romeo and Juliet really was about.
    Like I said, everyone assumed, so don’t end up believing my story.

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