The Bakers Wish

Lia Paws December 31, 2017
Fable, Kids
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Once upon a time, long, long ago, there was a little girl with long dark brown hair named Coco.

Coco’s family was poor, their only way of making money being her mother, Amy, owning a bakery. Each day, Coco would go to the bakery for hours, helping her mother bake things for the customers. But one night when she was having dinner peacefully alone, she overheard her mother talking to her farther in a stressed voice, Coco listened. “Amy, what did you need to talk about?” Coco heard her farther say. “Im sorry for calling for calling you here when your busy, but… Sales at the bakery are getting lower every day, and we can’t keep going like this.” Coco didn’t fully understand what they where saying, but she knew they where in trouble.

That night Coco sneaked out of there house into the forest. “Hmm, my story book said there’s a wishing well right around… Here!!” Coco looked at a wishing well, surrounded by a silver gate in the forest. When she went in front of it, they magically opened for her. Coco went up to the wishing well, when she heard a deep voice and it said, “Who goes there?” “um, well, I go there! My name’s Coco and I was wondering if-” “You need to speak no more” The voice said. “As you know from your book there, I grant people one wish, and one wish only. What do you wish?”

“I wish…” Coco started to say. “I wish that my mama’s bakery would be more busy, and that we would earn more money so mama wouldn’t be stressed anymore. That’s all I want, for my mama and dada to be happy.” The voice spoke.

“Wish granted.”

Coco went to bed that night, and when she woke up her mother was already at the bakery, full of customers. “Dada, where is mama?” “Coco, great news! It seems like the bakery is now full of customers, so your mother is there working really hard” Coco was so excited, her wish had come true! She ran all the way down the street to the bakery, seeing her mother full of customers, and, smiling once again.

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