The Cat's Dropping

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In a small village in what is now the Ivory Coast, or if you prefer the French name, Côte d’Ivoire, lived the Beng tribe. They were peaceful people, and were friendly with everyone they met, except for one particular species.

The cat.
The heinous cat hissed at, mauled and ate everyone that came near it. The people of their village tried to do their best to keep it away, but it always came back.

One particular day is something the people of the Beng village would always remember. A cat snuck into the village one day. This cat was so horrifically ugly. Its claws were sharp and talon-shaped. Its front teeth showed even when it closed its mouth.

This cat defecated in the middle of the village. This dropping was deep black… a symbol of death.
The chief realized what the cat had done immediately. He ordered the villagers to evacuate their homes as soon as they could.
Like I said before, what the cat had dropped was an omen of death.

After everyone fled, they had to stay within the village’s borders where the cat’s dropping couldn’t hurt them.
A few days later, like three or four, they were allowed back into their home. But something had to be done with that terrible cat.

So the chief’s son was ordered to look for the cat, wherever it lived. It turned out that the cat didn’t stray far away from the village. So the chief’s son killed the cat with his axe.
The chief’s came back with the cat’s body, and the chief’s family ate the cat together. The cat’s fur was used as a rug.

From then on, the village made sure no cat could hurt them.

(Author’s note: this is based upon a folktale from Ivory Coast, about a hyena who defecated and everyone fled)

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