The changeling written by Elizabeth Langford May 2023

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There was a young woman whose name was Mary Scannell lived with her husband not many years ago at caste Martyr one day in harvest time she saw a little Changeling she went with several more in binding up the wheat and left her child who was a little girl who was called Rosie which she was nursing in a corner of the field quite safe as she thought wrapped in her cloak then a little fairy had appeared in front of her she was called Dorothy when she had finished her work this my fourteenth story on the list she returned where the child was but in place of her own child the story was true the magic was very strong she found a thing in the cloak it was a book that was not half the size and kept up such a crying little changeling you might have heard it a mile off it was the middle of the story now so she guessed how the case was and without stop or stay the world was very magical away she took it in her arms pretending to be mighty fond of it all the while to a wise woman the wind was very loud who told her in a whisper not to give it enough to eat and to beat and pinch it without mercy the wish was granted by Mary which Mary Scannell did Rosie came back now and just in one week after to the day

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