The death of the queen

Chloe OReilly February 12, 2021
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The Death of the Queen

By Chloe O’Reilly

Table of Contents

Chapter One p. 3

Chapter Two p. 7

Chapter Three p. 9

Chapter One
In a kingdom far, far away there was a beast and a princess. The beast keeps the princess safe. One day, they found a man wandering in their woods. They didn’t know what to do with him, so they brought him to the castle and let him sleep in the guest room. The guest room was right next to the beast’s room, so the beast could look out of his room and take care of the man. What the beast and the princess didn’t know was that the man was a prince had come looking for the princess. He wanted to marry her and become the king. Since he was the prince, he didn’t know anybody else suitable to marry.

When he woke up, the prince was really hungry, and the beast brought him some food to eat. The man waited for the princess to come talk to him, so he could ask her to marry him. When she did visit him, he explained how he wanted to rule over the country because his dad died, and nobody else could take over for him. The man wanted to take his place on the throne next to a new Queen. He would make her really happy, he said to the princess. He would be a good husband for her. At least, that was what the beast said to her when they finished talking. He had been eavesdropping on their conversation. The princess said yes, and they got married, and lived happily ever after–or, so they thought.

The princess didn’t know what to do when the prince became a really bad person who did some really bad things to the princess, now the Queen. The King poisoned the drink that he gave his new queen one night. She drank the drink and was hurt really bad by the poison. It could kill anything it touched. The new queen died shortly after drinking the beverage that he gave her. She almost didn’t take it, because she had noticed that he had been acting really weird lately. In the end, though, she took the drink from in front of her. She went to bed before he could ask her what was wrong and pretend to be concerned. She fell asleep that night and never woke up again. He had killed her while she was sleeping, but when he woke up he had forgotten all about it.

He went to eat breakfast and noticed that the Queen hadn’t cooked yet, so he made food for both of them and went to her room and left the food by her door. Throughout the day, he felt really weird. That night, he noticed that there were slashes in the painting of himself that was hanging over the bed. Then he noticed that the queen was in his chair next to the fire, so he went up to her. When he leaned down to kiss her, he went right through her skin and into the fire. He was really badly burned, and he knew that his wife had cursed him with bad luck forever.

He never slept comfortably or ate delicious food again in his life. It was a fitting punishment for someone who did something like murder the Queen that loved him. She wanted to kill him so that she could be with him forever. Because he couldn’t leave the Queen, the beast tried to hunt down the ghosts, but had no luck at all. That seemed to disappoint the beast a lot, until he fell in love one day. He noticed her the day before, staring at her through the window of the house that he built after the queen and the king died. Nobody actually knew how they died, so that very day the townsfolk went looking for the daughter of the royal couple.

The girl had only disappeared the night before after dinner. She had gone to bed, but in the morning, they couldn’t find her anywhere. She wasn’t in her room or in the house, but eventually they got tired of looking for her. They went to bed that night, and after breakfast in the morning, they went out to try to find her again. They eventually found her in the woods with her throat ripped out by a wolf. They never found the royal family ever, but the villagers could hear them in the night, calling each other from somewhere in the castle. Every time they tried to look for the family, they would only catch a glimpse of them, before they disappeared from sight.

They didn’t really die, though, because the family was actually captured by vicious pirates. The queen became part of the pirate’s crew. Nobody would ever catch the Queen, because she had a twin sister who looked just like her, except for her eye color and her personality. She was the favorite of the two daughters, and they only had two friends. The other princess fell in love with the son of the beast, and he was in love with her just as much as she was.

When they next saw each other, they talked for hours on end. They forgot what time it was, until his father came to pick them up to take them home for the night. Her mother got stuck in a ditch on the side of the road during her drive home the night before. She disappeared from the car while the police were talking to her, and when they went looking for her, they found her in the woods eating a deer and acting like a savage. She said that she was looking for something that she lost the day before, when she was running away from somebody that was attacking her with a knife.

The day before the sister was killed, the brother died of a heart attack. He went to the hospital to get checked out by the doctor, but he didn’t make it to the hospital. He died in the ambulance, so the sister heard of the accident and went to see him. She didn’t know that he was already dead, but before she got to the room they were keeping him, in the doctor found her and told her that he was dead, and that she couldn’t see him. They were bringing him to the morgue before his burial the next week. They got the body dressed up for the family to see him before they buried him.

They didn’t know that their daughter was dead as well as their son, but they would be together in death and not alone in Heaven. The family buried them in the backyard of their house in Florida. Never before had they grieved for so long, because even though their grandparents died the month before, and they felt bad for their family and their friends, they had fallen in love for a reason. Or so they say.

Chapter Two
The girl was a princess, and so was the prince, but they were sons and daughters of the Evil Queen and Jafar, and Maleficent and Cruella de Vil. Their sons and their daughters, Evie, Mal, Jay, and Carlos went to school at Auradon Prep, and they found out that their parents were killed by the daughter of Ursula, an evil lady that tried to kill the prince, but never ended up actually killing him. He had killed her before she could kill him. He got away from her only because he was faster and knew how to sail a ship. He got to the ship before she could hurt him or the princess.

Uma was the name of the daughter of Ursula. They never found her because she was hidden on an island with the rest of her pirate crew. She never really left her place on the island. They could have caught her, if they were allowed to go back to the island, but they weren’t. They were stuck on the island with the prince who would soon to become the king, like King Ben.

Mal fell in love with King Ben, and she could never love anybody else except for him. They never left each other, so they got married, because that is what their parents wanted them to do. They stayed together for the rest of their lives, and they all lived happily ever after. In the end, the others got married, and they lived happily ever after. There was no pause to their love, because it was never-ending them. They never died, because they couldn’t die. If they died, they would go back to the Isle of the Lost, back with their parents and their friends.

They missed their friends and their families. At least, some of them did, but not everyone. Not all of them loved their parents, because they didn’t want their parents to ruin their childhood forever. They didn’t want their children to go to the Isle of the Lost, because that was a bad place for them to go–especially because their parents wouldn’t be there with them.

Chapter Three
They say that they brought the girl and the boy home forever, but that is not how it ended. It ended with them finding her, bringing her home, and having a huge fight with her for leaving them. She said there was no wonder that she had left them without their permission. They only let the boy stay, because the parents couldn’t break them apart after what had happened to them. They had been stranded on separate islands, so now they could stay together as long as they wanted.

They got their own palace near their parents, and they went and saw each other’s friends a lot. The friends liked each other, so they got married themselves and never stopped loving each other. They even stay in the same bed, and they stayed in the same bed even after they died. They were very old and were going to die sometime soon. They died in peace by each other’s side, and then went to Heaven and found the things that they loved. Years later, they met their kids in Heaven and hugged them for almost the whole day long, which was a very long time to be hugging your family.

The dearly departed left the Earth only a year after their grandparents had passed away. They died of grief, because they loved their grandparents so much. They cried all night long until they cried themselves to sleep, and they left the Earth in their sleep, so died in peace, just like their grandparents. Soon their mother and their father would die of a heart attack. Until then, they still could hear and watch their parents from Heaven. Their parents loved each other so much, that they later died hugging each other. They stayed with each other, even in death, and they never left each other’s arms, because they were all in love.

About the Author
Chloe O’Reilly is one of the most singular and remarkable young women I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She has a wild imagination and one of the most creative personalities I’ve ever seen. Chloe is an avid reader who especially enjoys horror stories. When she’s not reading, Chloe loves visiting with horses and spends a lot of time making artwork. She’s leaving WES, but like the characters in her story, she’ll never really be able to leave her friends behind.

We’re all going to miss you, Chloe.

The Death of the Queen is a story about true love, adventure, and making sure you never forget the people who matter most in your life: the ones who love you.

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