The fairy in the cuckoo clock written by Elizabeth Langford October 2023

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once upon a time there was a little tale with a little girl named Griselda as a rule and certainly with most fairies mortals are considered to be stupid in the fairyland the reputation of humans beings as dull witted and slow is a fixed tradition one day Griselda found a little cuckoo clock in her bedroom before doing a new thing men and women have to think it out they talk a good deal about cause and effect whereas with fairies there are no causes but things and events just happen when Griselda was holding the cuckoo clock in her hand if they do not the story was true there was a little fairy in side the cuckoo clock she was called Giselle the fairies make them some situations like the sun and moon the earth and sky the summer and winter cannot be changed Giselle saw Griselda with her beautiful blue eyes the fairy tale was very long yet fairies can bring to pass lots of wonders and surprise men one day the clock was a very beautiful small clock it was very magical

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