The Green King

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Cosmos had a reputation of getting into fights, at school, at home with his siblings; he even picked a fight with his teacher. At this moment Cosmos didn’t care who it was, he was afraid of nothing. Anyone that would stand in his way had a problem with him. Everywhere Cosmos would go he would stir up a fight.

Cosmos was not always a savage like he is now. Bullies would bully him for his green hair, and he would consistently get beaten up at school and everywhere a set of bullies would see him, even in front of their parents. One time, Cosmos realized that if he continued to allow himself to get picked on, he would become a weakling and a softy. Cosmos dedicated a lot of his time to work on getting stronger and more robust. He became so brawny that no one would lay a finger on him. That is what created the monster we have here. The whole city feared Cosmos, and he was known as ‘The Green King.’

Cosmos loved that feeling. The feeling of ruling over lands and being known and being feared. It gave him the impression of being noticed or being visible to others. Cosmos like many other kids felt as if they were invisible and that no one would see them or even their entire existence. Cosmos felt that if he were a leader, people would notice him. After a while, Cosmos saw that where ever he went to people would show respect to him, and feared him.

Cosmos loved it. The fact that no man would raise their voice at him and no man would touch him; it was like he ruled the world.
‘Oh! There’s an idea!’
Cosmos said as he cracked a smirk and glaring down the hallway he was standing in.
‘Why don’t I be the ruler of the world.’
Cosmos thought as he rubbed his chin with the two of his fingers. It was a splendid idea for Cosmos.

Cosmos sailed the seven seas and walked on the land like a king. Terrorizing anyone in the way, often giving them severe punishments. Cosmos soon grew recognition as ‘the green king.’
‘That’s more like it.’
Cosmos said as he chuckled louder than fireworks until his chest hurt. Everywhere he went everyone glared at him like they had seen a ghost and eventually dropped to one knee and applauded as he walked. Cosmos loved it, and to anyone that didn’t, he would give them the most significant punishment you could ever imagine, like killing their loved ones and killing them. Sometimes he made them go through so many different varieties of pain that’s so unbearable that they would ask for death.

Cosmos thought that he ruled the world, but his place as ruler of the world was about to come sliding down like a sled sliding down an icy mountain. Cosmos went to a country far far away that nobody ever knew. It was unheard by the rest of the world, and the sea devoured that nation. Cosmos thought that as the ruler of the earth he had superpowers that could split the sea like Moses and uncover that country.

Cosmos tried and tried he repeated multiple different terms like
‘Open sesame.’
‘Open, as I am the king of the world.’
‘Open you stupid sea.’
But no matter what he said, nothing would work. Cosmos left the country to another nearby island and sat down beside a campfire on the beach.
‘Am I the king of the world?’
Cosmos thought as he rested his head on his palm. He thought about God. He felt that if God created the universe and anyone that lived in the world, he should be the king of the earth.

‘No! That is not possible! I am the only ruler of the world.’
Cosmos said he knew it wasn’t right, but he had to fake it till he made it. Cosmos kept telling himself that until he got himself actually to believe it with all of his heart. What makes Cosmos a healthy individual is his pride. The fact that he thinks that anything is possible. Which is great and all but the problem was that his ego was like a blindfold, it blinded him, he couldn’t see reality properly. Cosmos knew that it wasn’t possible to become the ruler of the world, but he had to force himself to believe that it is possible.

The next day Cosmos went back to the island and kept trying to force the sea to crack open. He tried everything, but the more he worked, the more unsure he was that he could do it. Then it hit him, the ultimate idea that would be used to prove to himself that he is the ruler of the world. The idea was to build a massive wall on the left of the city and another on the right so that he could stop the water from entering the city. Then he would take one million humans or ‘peasants’ as he calls them to use buckets to dump the water out of the dam. So that is what he did, and anyone who disobeyed would have death overthrow them by dropping them into the sea, causing them to drown.

Cosmos eventually gathered one million humans and ordered them all to bucket the water out on the island beside it. Almost done, just a few more spills and he would be able to get into the country. Once it was nearly completed the walls cracked, and more water began to squirt out of the hole like a water gun.
‘You filthy peasants! Look at what you have done!’
Cosmos roared, his eyes turned cherry-red, and his face turned blue like blueberries.
‘Sorry, lord Cosmos, we will patch it up for you.’
Everyone said as they all took a knee to him. Ignoring their apologies Cosmos’s fury surged like a volcano about to erupt and steam poured out of his ears like a chimney.

‘Get back to work you fools!’
Cosmos ordered as he pointed to the hole in the wall.
‘Yes, sir!’
They replied rushing to the wall. The people all brought the steel that was supplied to them and continued to patch up the wall. By the time they finished patching the wall up, it had already been three months. And in three months the dam had refilled and had begun to overflow outside of the walls.
‘You guys took way too long! it’ll take another three months to bucket the water out, so get to work.’
Cosmos selfishly ordered as he grabbed one of the men by the collar.

Cosmos waited on the island that was right next to the dam site and enjoyed himself by making people do unnecessary harsh errands for him. Their pain was his amusement. He continued to bully the people until three months later. Finally, after six whole months, it finished. The dam had finally ended, and Cosmos walked into the once buried country in the water with a stupidly cocky smile. One of the men had enough of him. Sorry, all of them had enough of him, even his servants. They slowly waited until night time so that they could poke another hole into the dam while Cosmos was asleep.

‘I’m tired of being bossed around by some stupid dictator.’
One man yelled with sheer anger. They all decided to gather 40 men to go underwater and poke 40 different holes onto the dam. And that is what all of Cosmos’s servants did. As the holes were being poked Cosmos finally woke to the noise of the water squirting, it sounded like water from a waterfall splashing down onto the ground. Cosmos was still down there, but there was something he knew that the others didn’t. He knew that this would happen. Cosmos had secretly built a tunnel that led back to the island. Cosmos used people a lot, but that didn’t mean that he couldn’t do stuff on his own.

Cosmos cunningly walked back onto the island to see all the people celebrating with joy and crying in happiness. He stealthily walked up right behind them and yelled
Everyone grew quiet and slowly turned around. Cosmos’s servants all faced Cosmos and dropped down to their knees and cried to their heart’s content. There was no end to Cosmos’s dictatorship. The people had to live like this for the rest of their lives, and there was nothing they could do about it.
‘So. What were all of you trying to do?’
Cosmos said as he grinned in a cocky sort of way. He got into his battle stance getting ready to fight. His heart was thumping; he had never beat someone up in years.

‘Oh! Hey, Cosmos! What are you doing here?’
One of the men said as he nervously laughed and scratched his head.
‘Silence! None of you peasants will ever be able to escape me.’
Cosmos said giggling as he slapped his knee and dropped down to the ground laughing.
‘Did you think an attack like that could kill someone like me?’
Cosmos said as he continued to slap his knee and laugh until he cried. Cosmos wiped away his tears and stopped laughing with a sudden stop. He grabbed one of the bystanders, a young man, there and smashed his face into the ground until he trapped the man’s face under the muddy soil.

‘Now, who is next?’
Cosmos asked as he walked over slowly
‘eenie meanie miny moe.’
Cosmos played, and the person he pointed at was a short old man who was a father. He pleaded for mercy and begged for him to spare him.
‘I have a family. I beg you don’t kill me.’
The man said as he plucked his gray hair out of his scalp and dropped to his knees and cried. Cosmos grabbed the man by his collar
‘I could care less about your family.’
Cosmos said as he sent the man flying into the ocean, the man landed with a loud splash.
‘And for the rest of you, go back home, I already went in there, so there is no point in me waiting for you buffoons to bucket the water again.’
Cosmos said as he turned around.

Cosmos now wholeheartedly believed that he is the ruler of the world. He had finally proved it to himself. He genuinely feels now that nothing can stand in his way, absolutely nothing. Cosmos walked like a king, talked like a king, ate like a king, and slept like a king. He had the time of his life. He bossed everyone around and beat people until they begged for mercy and bowed down to him. He acted like a god. He acted like a big scumbag like the typical spoiled rich boy. With everything in the world at his fingertips, he soon got bored; he never got to fight anyone healthy in a long time.

Cosmos stayed up all night in his palace thinking about what he could do to make life a little bit more fun and to become even more precious. Cosmos stood up with a loud gasp; he had it, he had an idea. He had to do it; it was brilliant! He had to start a war; Cosmos decided that if he got his two most hated countries to cause an all-out war and sell them weapons, vehicles, oil and so on, he could eventually become the wealthiest person alive. Cosmos could be the world’s first trillion dollar man.

He gathered up 60 people to dress as soldiers of one of the countries known as Fidele. He got them to walk over to Raptura, which is another country that he hates and declare war on them. He got them to capture 10 of Raptura’s citizens and threatened to hurt them if they never agreed to the war. It took awhile, but eventually, Raptura decided to proceed with the war. Raptura fired the first attack with a bomb that left Fidele with a crater. The battle progressed, and it escalated exceptionally fast.

Cosmos sat on his throne in the middle of all of this madness with a cape and a crown counting up all the money he made with a smirk on his face. He made an extraordinarily large sum of money. Cosmos sold so much weapons and tanks that he stole. Cosmos opened up an oil company with a lot of oil and sold it to both countries so he could make double the money instead of using just one country.

Cosmos eventually became the most influential and most prosperous person alive. He had the whole universe at his fingertips. He could start a world war anytime he wanted. He had everyone in the world bowing down to him; he was the ruler of the world. Cosmos could do anything, anything in the world. Instead of just earth, he owned the whole universe.

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