The Ice Heart

Violatte Sanders December 29, 2018
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There was a young maiden. She had no living family. She was the prettiest in her town. Her hair was soft and had an almost white color to it in its curls. Her eyes were an icy blue. Yet, being the prettiest, she was unwanted with her heart of ice. She was unloving and ruthless. She was cruel and evil. The maiden treated everyone with harsh treatment.
It was Christmas Eve and the town was decorated for the season. The lamps gave off a warming, soft glow. Garlands were strung from house to house. Wreaths were hung at every door. All, except for maiden with an ice heart. Snow fell on this beautiful day. It fell on the heads of every little boy and girl playing outside.
The maiden was outside beating her servant, who was being punished for giving a little boy a cookie. The servant whimpered with pain. The icy maiden was about to hit the servant again, until a little girl stood in front of the servant. The little girl turned around and picked up the poor and hurt servant. The girl ran to a near patch of flowers, picked some, and then gave half to the servant. The little girl, then smiled at the maiden, and gave her some flowers. The maiden took them and stared at the girl. Then that heart of ice melted, feeling love for the first time. Something so little can mean so much.

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