The little girl and the winter whirlwinds of Saint Andrews day written by Elizabeth Lang ford November 2023

Elizabeth Langford November 21, 2023
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It was one year the wicked witch decided to stop spring from coming on time and make winter the only season on earth she hid the sun behind dark clouds and covered the earth with heavy snow so one morning the people from a small mountain village woke up and found their houses where a beautiful girl named Sasha and found her house buried under the snow up to the roofs she started digging tunnels from her to the neighbouring houses and gathered in small groups to decide what they could do there was a wicked witch somewhere in the sky they finally decided that the best thing to do is send someone on the highest mountain peak where the wizard Father Frost lived in his palace of ice and ask him to help then a beautiful fairy named Ariel but no one was willing to go on such a dangerous trip it was my ninetieth story on the list I am ready to go an old man said there was a big whirlwind in the air but I’m afraid I’m too old and slow to reach the peak on time if only I was twenty years younger it was in the middle of the story now don’t worry grandfather I will go his little granddaughter Sasha said Sasha was an orphan living in his home since her parents died

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