The moon child written by Elizabeth Langford November 2023

Elizabeth Langford November 19, 2023
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There was a little moon where it was very dark now there was a little child it was a little girl she went with Mr darkness she was called Rose was a little girl when she met a new friend his name was Mr. Darkness he took her hand and whispered a question to her ear hey little Rose when a little fairy appeared in front of them she was called Holly do you like a ride to the moon? the magic was very strong but the moon is too far away from home this is my eighteenth story on the list this is my respond it was the middle of the story that he might said something silly it was the night sky now cause all he could see was a drawing smile on his lips the wind was very loud if it’s so we might meet again the land was very quiet when the nostalgy of childhood would be gone till then the wish was granted by Rose we’ll shake our hands and wish we’ll meet again there was a little land there these were his last words it was far, far away there is nothing else that he can recall the fairies were there the night came the night of despair only a few years later the king was very gentle Rose screamed his name out of tears the queen was very beautiful Rose was begging him Mr. Darkness come and take me away from here the walk was very beautiful his shadow appeared there was a little garden there silly Rose he wasn’t gone for all these years Rose used the magic fairy dust in the little garden he was living her fears

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