The Pooka

David Davidson May 2, 2019
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There is a fairy, not Tinkerbell, but a real fairy a mischievous little fucker, they’re all that way when you think about it, no this fairy we’re talking about is called Pooka. Pookas are as big as a leprechaun and is covered from head to toe in its hair. They also like to take the form of animals, like horses, Buffalos and many other kinds.
There once was a lad not much older then his thirties and he was walking home in a country side deep in the plains of Nebraska when he so happens to find a wild Buffalo grazing on some grass. He walks up to the wild Buffalo to pet it when it bucks him and makes him fall to the ground, it then takes on its Pooka form, and makes itself grow to adult size.
“Why do you bother me mortal man can’t you see i’m eating,” The Pooka asks as he pulls out a bag of dust, just for that I shall give you a curse,” he blows his dust on him and a giant hump appears on the guys back. The Pooka laughs as he leaves him in pain, and in fear of what he had just experienced.
It takes him a good part of the afternoon to get back to his moderate town “O’baily”, it consists of three Irish families and one scottish family. The O’baily, O’haily’ and O’reilly, and the scottish family the Smiths.
Our cursed friend heads straight for his aunt’s shop, which is a wiccan shop, and tell her what just happened. She cuts his shirt off and looks at the hump, “oh my oh my,” she taps the hump and mumbles to herself, “I might have the right herbs to help you.”
She leaves the front of the shop and starts to rummage through different cabinets. She pulls out some herbs known as Celandine and Aloe, she grinds the herbs together and seeps them in boiling hot water to make tea. He drinks the tea and the hump shrinks at a moderate speed.
The next morning he’s walking in the open plains when he comes across a black dog that is laying in the sun. He walks up to it and begins peting it when it takes the form of the Pooka a second time.
“What do you think you’re doing, can’t you see that I’m sun bathing,” he blows more dust on the guy.
The guy grows two humps on his back, and he falls down on his face as the Pooka walks away laughing. This time he can’t move his back so he pulls out his cell phone and calls his aunt and tells her what happened and she says to him you’ll never bother this Pooka again if I help you this time. He agrees and never again did he see the Pooka.
This may be a short story but its got meaning which is: beware of the fairies where ever you are.

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