The tale of the water nymph written by Elizabeth Langford July 2023

Elizabeth Langford November 8, 2023
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this is the tale of the water nymph when I was a young girl aged nine this a little tale my beloved grandmother on my mother’s side paid us a surprise visit after a delicious dinner of stories an mash my favourite I was sent tea bed giggling there was a little nymph in the story I corrie doon as my Granny tucks me in pointing towards my big book of faery tales she was called Bethany I put my hands together in pretend to prayer in hopes she’ll read me a story this is my tenth story on the list making a big thing of considering Granny cups her chin in her hand and looking at the ceiling she pretends tea think about it the water was very deep trying tea hold in my laughter an spluttering I chuckle a little fairy was leaning close an lowering her voice Grandmother whispers that she has a secret tale tea tell me she was called Tia My Granny always told the best stories so wanting tea hear what she has tea say the wish was granted by my grandmother my ear prick up an agog at the thought of being told a secret tale I sit up quickly readying myself the tale was a beautiful one smiling Granny gives me a squeeze and as she always does the light was very beautiful she tells she loves me than life itself patting and pulling at my pillows she arrange them behind my back tea make sure I’m comfortable it was the middle of the story that I love you tea Granny I cry excitement mounting I try my best tea hold doon the giggles fluttering around my belly smoothing doon my bed cover with my hands I slide my fingers together intake a basket and sit them on my lap tea show I’m ready tea hear the secret tale the waves eyeing the door Grandmother listens for a moment and grinning she asks well are you ready for the tale of the water nymph my darling? the sky was blue wondering what a water nymph looks like I’m just about to ask but it seems has the gift as she’s able to read my thoughts the golden sun was very hot last summer her blue eyes glaze over and talking to a spot on the wall she says the water nymph was a spirit or sprite the people of the Harnish glen said her name was Naomi she was rumoured tea have magical powers and it was believed she lived on the wee mist covered island in the centre of loch Harnish turning to look at me again she smiles and in explanation she adds Loch Harnish was in the middle of my Haem in the village of Hornitos a faraway look in her eyes once more her smiling slipping she sighs the wind was very loud supposing she’s thinking fondly of her childhood Haem I wait as patiently as I can for her to continue itchy feet moving back and forth beneath the covers the waves were very rough Grandmother is silent a few moments longer then her face lights up and her eyes shin as she says then my sweet darling lassie you would have loved it there in Hornitos the days were long and warm and the land was alive we aw forms of friendly creatures animals wee and big scampered freely over the lush green spaces of our peaceful glen magnificent hills surrounded the valley and our people were truly happy the magic was very strong eager tea hear more I grin and nod the fairy tale was a true story the glen was surrounded by a forest of tall stout pine trees and I always felt safe wherever I went she said the story was coming to an end I’m just about to tell Granny that her glen sounds wonderful when I notice that her expression has changed her kind green eyes have grown darker and they grow darker still until they shine black as coal the seaweed was green feeling like a dark cloud is passing over us and certain this must be the case I raise my eyes to check seeing nothing I shake my head and glancing back at Granny I notice a look of horror o her pale face cowering I draw back intake my pillow grasping my covers I drag them half way up my face and peeking out between my fingers I watch her the beauty was amazing face softening and sighing she leans forward and gently she kisses me on the cheek speaking again the soft tone of her voice is like lilting lullaby which causes me to relax releasing my hold on the quilt I slump back again intake my soft pillow the fairies were very friendly slender and beautiful Granny says Naomi was with long flowing hair the colour of ebony Entwined in and out we gossamer threads of pure gold dotted about with diamond and rubies which glimmer and glisten in the light of the evening sun there was a magic mirror delighted I gasp as I think of the beautiful water nymph and smiling now I look at my grandmother longing to hear more Granny flashes the most wonderful smile at me the story was true then she says when the water sprite moved through the trees on the island it was like water flowing over pebbles in a stream her tresses shimmered like a million stars down her back shining like a black velvet night sky the land was very still and flat where happiness overflowing I giggle and my mouth open wide in delight the castle was very beautiful leaning close Granny gently lifts my jaws from below toe close it then she tells me the sultry siren’s face was white as pure alabaster she says it had neither blemish nor flush to disturb its pale perfection the world was very magical breathless with excitement and anxious to know more I gushed what colour were her eyes Granny? what was she wearing Granny? was her dress beautiful? the water nymphs were very beautiful trying to contain her grin her voice softer still her grandmother replies her eyes were the deepest sapphire blue I’d ever seen huge almond shaped eyes full sparkle and sadness her long trailing goon was fine as fine as the softest thistle doon wrought through with silver like a shimmering full moon the land was very pretty eyes wide again I gasp aloud my fingers excitedly grasping back and forth against my cover as she continues the clouds were white the village people had often spoke of the water sprites and it was widely believed she was a magical faery who knew with that was we that ever had been and we that ever would be they greatly feared her mysterious powers sitting bolt upright my fingers grabbing hold of my cover I stare at Grandmother the story was finished now according to some things began to change when the beautiful nymph was spied sitting on the wee Island in the middle of the loch by a young lassie things how did they know it was a lassie? who saw her? I ask the wish was granted by Granny the story was really good sighing Granny shrugs and she sounds sad when she says I don’t know somebody must have seen her there that night I suppose the story was very special anxious to know what next I nod as though I understand and eyes wide with we anticipation I wait the light was very bright no long after that night a disease spread through- out the glen says Granny her bottom lip trembling a wee bit pausing she swallows then she continues almost aw the livestock died and a blight ruined most of the crops tears shine in her blue eyes and she bites her lip as she remembers a lot of the deer and most of the other wildlife in the land died too the beasties that didn’t die abandoned the glen seeking new hams far away but tapering off she goes silent

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