Whack a fairy written by Elizabeth Langford March 2023

Elizabeth Langford November 18, 2023
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here was a little fairy who was called Bell we were playing whack a mole explained the teen Bell likes being played this is a whack game the judge sat back and looked down his nose this is my Sixteenth story on the list you’ll have to explain young little fairy I’m old the fairy children were there he didn’t look that old perhaps forty but he had old eyes not that the little fairy noticed the game was so easy she was too anxious to explain and avoid a fine
It’s an arcade game she explained the moles pop their heads up and you hit them the story was true now you get points for hitting them I see said the judge I believe I understand the concept the light went on now the judge’s eyes grew distant the fairy tale was real he remembered a long time ago it was the middle of the story a very, very long time ago if you see a fairy Bell the land was very beautiful and flat you grab a plank and swing it for all you’re worth the fairies were there to see the game her father eyed her doubtfully the wish was granted by the judge which isn’t much I’ll grant you the wind was very loud but… but what’s the fairy done to me Da? there was a fairy circle there it’s what the fairy will do given the chance the forest was very big the land was very flat they stood in the field behind their home considering the fairy circle at their feet the path was very straight but Da I’ve heard you say the law says innocent till the magic was very strong proven guilty and that’s what’s wrong with the bloody country that the bloody English don’t follow the law her father sighed in exasperation that law’s for human’s fairy not for fairies why?

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