Charlie Kinsella May 9, 2018
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There once was a little boy with a red hood.
His father had given him the task of going to his grandfather’s house as he was sick, so he could deliver to him some cake and wine.
His father had told him to stay on the path due to the dangers of the forest, but the boy was curious so he strayed off the path.
He explored the forest by looking in the large trees, many were covered with mushrooms and the leaves were falling off the trees. There were many bushes with ripe juicy looking berries.
He finally came upon a glade filled with many flowers, out of the glade came a wolf
“Who are you” the boy asked
“I’m a shape-shifter, I’ve been following you, were are you going?” she asked
“I’m going to my grandfather’s house, its right along were the path is. I’m going to give him some cake and wine because he’s sick” the little boy said naively.
“Why don’t you pick some flowers”
“Ok then”
The wolf walked off while the boy picked many different flowers from the glade, after he had picked a fair amount he carried on with his journey to derived cake and wine to his sick grandfather.
He came to his grandfather’s house and unlocked the latch and went into the house he noticed something strange about his grandfather, who was lying in the bed, he walked over to him.
“Hello” his grandfather replied in an inhuman voice
“What a high voice you have!”
“All the better to greet you with”
“Goodness, what big eyes you have!”
“The better to see you with”
“And what big hands you have!”
“The better to hug and grab you with”
“What a big mouth you have”
“The better to eat you with!”

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