Yummy happy good time soup written by Elizabeth Langford November 2023

Elizabeth Langford November 6, 2023
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there was once upon a time and long ago a girl called Mabel who had a mother called Mabel they wanted to have some soup for tea but that was pretty confusing so most people just called them Mabel and Mom being the mother Mabel and Mabel being the other Mabel is that clear? no? too bad cut we’ve got a story to do so we’re moving on now Mabel and Mom were happy as happiness goes but they were poor so ever so much very much poor that they sometimes had very little to eat luckily Mom had a very special skill making collectible figurines she made civil war chess sets dolls of popular personalities of the day and those cute this is my seventh story on the list big eyed babies who make you go aww so it was that one day through the woods to try and some of her Mom’s figurines at the market a little fairy appeared in front of her she was called Mary when a strange old lady jumped out at her from behind a tree and said howdy she was so surprised that she dropped the box of figurines all of which shattered into four thousand and sixty six pieces on the ground oh sorry about that said the old lady didn’t mean to scare you

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