6 Ways Disney's The Little Mermaid Differs from the Original Tale

The world of fairy tales has a list of familiar items that we associate with stories such as golden geese and talking cats, however, there’s another fairy tale item that you may not notice in stories. It’s the magic bag, and it does all kinds of wondrous things.

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Jack and the Beanstalk.

You Don't Know Jack: Dissecting One of the Most Popular Figures in Fairy Tales

If you read fairy tales often, or remember hearing a few as a child, you may recognize this famous literary character. A boy named Jack. He comes up in tales such as Jack and the Beanstalk, Jack and the Giant Killer and Lazy Jack. Fairy tales, folklore and even nursery rhymes are full of tales of a lad named Jack. You may have read his exploits, as his stories often appear in children’s story collections, but do you know Jack?

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Three bears at a table

The Power of Three: Why Fairy Tales Often Feature a Triple

The phrase “Once upon a time” is something you’ll often find in a fairy tale, however, there’s another common element that you may’ve noticed in these rich stories. The pattern of three is all over fairy tales and folklore originating from various regions, but have you ever wondered why?

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Two people and a cat are pictured in this illustration of one of the most famous fairy tale cats, Puss in Boots

Around the World with Cats: 8 International Folk tales Starring Felines

When we think about fairy tales, we often think of the animal characters that are often just as important as the human characters. One particular animal that appears in stories often is the cat. The feline has won its spot in the literary field because of its clever nature, and has appeared in stories from England, Iceland, Germany and many more.

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