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Ready for a new story? We all know the classic fairy tales like Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White and The Little Mermaid. Now it’s time to put a new twist on stories like these by changing the gender roles with a gender swap fairy tale. Will a merman fall in love with a princess? Does the king save the queen? Fairytalez wants to hear your reverse take on some beloved stories!

Write a new version of a classic fairy tale or folk tale and change the gender roles within, plus add other elements if you like. You can feel free to explore our archive of stories for ideas, as we have over 2,500 stories in our classic tale library.

Let’s hear those gender swap fairy tales!

This writing competition ran from February 26, 2018 to April 6, 2018. The winner was Ash, or Gowns from a Tree by Elizabeth Hopkinson, a new twist on the old favorite Cinderella about a boy, Ash, who dreams of going to the ball. The finalists were the following stories:

Changing the Narrative

Twelve Princes of Fortune 


Indigo’s Keys

The Winner received: 

  • Active promotion across all Fairytalez’s social networks
  • A digital winner badge published with your story and on your profile page
  • A digital winner badge for your blog or website
  • A $200 gift certificate to

The Four finalists received:

  • Active promotion across all of Fairytalez’s social networks
  • A digital runner-up badge published with your story and on your profile page
  • A digital runner-up badge for your blog or website

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How to Get Started with Fairytalez’ Writing Competitions

  • Register: First, create a profile at Don’t forget to customize it with images, website links and more. There are no fees associated with creating an account nor is there a fee to enter the competitions.
  • Upload: Upload your story and put it in the appropriate category.
  • Submit: Submit your story (or stories) below for consideration in the writing competition. Stories must be a minimum of 300 words and a maximum of 5000 words. You may submit up to 3 stories.
  • Share: Share your story link with all of your friends and family! Stories are eligible once they’ve received 5 likes.

Find even more fairy tales when you read about our previous writing competitions.

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