Annie Klingensmith June 25, 2022
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No god was allowed to sit on Odin’s throne but Odin himself. 

One day when Frey was alone in the palace, he sat upon the throne and looked over into Jotunheim. 

There he saw a maiden come out of a low, dark house. As she walked down the pathway, the air became clearer and warmer. The earth brightened and grew green. When she went inside and shut the door, the light faded, and the earth grew black again. 

Around the low, dark house was a wavering wall of fire, and within the wall fierce dogs kept watch, night and day. 

When the door was shut and Frey could no longer see the maiden, he went away sadly. He could neither eat nor sleep for longing to see her. 

So sad was he that no one dared ask him his trouble. Skade, his mother, sent Skirner, his faithful friend, to find out what ailed him. 

Frey told Skirner of the beautiful maiden, and that he could never be happy unless she came to Asgard. 

Then Skirner said if he could have Frey’s horse and sword, he would ride through the flame wall, kill the watch-dog’s and bring Gerd to Asgard. 

Frey gave his horse gladly. Skirner rode through the fire, although it roared in his ears and blazed far above his head. 

When the dogs saw him, they set up a fierce howling. But Skirner quieted them with Frey’s sword. 

Gerd heard the noise outside and sent a servant to see what it was. The servant said an armed warrior stood at the door. 

But Gerd knew he must be a god, or he could not have passed the flame wall. So she bade the servant bring him in and give him food and drink. 

As soon as Skirner saw Gerd, he took from his pocket eleven of the golden apples of the gods and offered them to her as a present from Frey. 

But Gerd would not have the apples. Then Skirner offered her the wonderful golden ring made by Sindre. This, also, she refused. 

Then Skirner took out a magic wand and waved it over the maiden. As he waved the wand, he sang a magic song, telling of the warmth and light of Asgard and the beauty and gentleness of Frey. 

As the maiden listened she became enchanted with the glory of the city of the gods, and no longer remembered her own cheerless land. 

Then Skirner took her behind him on Frey’s horse, and rode back across the rainbow bridge. 

Frey stood by the gate watching. When he found that Skirner had not only brought Gerd, but that he had made her forget her home and love Asgard, he was so pleased that he let Skirner keep his sword.

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