The Old Man and the Ass

La Fontaine January 17, 2015
1 min read
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    An old man, riding on his ass,
    Had found a spot of thrifty grass,
    And there turn’d loose his weary beast.
    Old Grizzle, pleased with such a feast,
    Flung up his heels, and caper’d round,
    Then roll’d and rubb’d upon the ground,
    And frisk’d and browsed and bray’d,
    And many a clean spot made.
    Arm’d men came on them as he fed:
    “Let’s fly,” in haste the old man said.
    “And wherefore so?” the ass replied;
    “With heavier burdens will they ride?”
    “No,” said the man, already started.
    “Then,” cried the ass, as he departed
    “I’ll stay, and be—no matter whose;
    Save you yourself, and leave me loose
    But let me tell you, ere you go,
    (I speak plain English, as you know,)
    My master is my only foe.”


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