Thor and Thrym

Annie Klingensmith June 25, 2022
2 min read
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When Thor was away on one of his journeys he laid his hammer down for a moment, and went away without it.

The giant Thrym found the hammer. He carried it to Jotunheim and buried it eight miles deep. 

When Thor missed his hammer he went back and found that it was gone. He knew that no one but a giant could have lifted it. 

Back he drove to Asagard in such a rage that the gods themselves trembled. But they trembled still more when they heard Thor’s story. They feared that the giants could no longer be kept out of Asgard. 

Loke borrowed Freyja’s falcon plumage and flew to Jotunheim. The first giant he met was Thrym. “Why have you come to Jotunheim?” said the giant. ” I have come for Thor’s hammer,” replied Loke. ” Ho! ho! ho!” laughed the giant, ” the hammer is buried eight miles deep. I will give it to no one until he brings me Freyja for a wife.” 

Loke flew swiftly back to Asgard, and told Thor what the giant had said. 

Thor thought of nothing but his precious hammer. He rushed to Freyja and told her to make ready to go to Jotunheim. 

At this Freyja was so angry that Thor, big as he was, trembled and went out without saying anything more. 

Loke said, ” We will dress you up like a woman, and what a beautiful bride you will be.”

So Thor had Freyja’s dress put on him, a necklace around his great throat, and a veil over his face. But oven then his eyes blazed like fire. 

Loke dressed himself like a maid, and they went to Jotunheim in Thor’s chariot. 

When Thrym saw them coming, he had a great feast prepared. 

Thor ate a whole ox and ten salmon. Thrym’s eyes stood out with surprise. But Loke whispered, ” Freyja longed so much to come to Jotunheim that she has eaten nothing for seven days.” 

At this Thrym was so pleased that he leaned over to look into her face. But he started back when he saw the blazing eyes. 

Loke said softly, “Freyja longed so much to come to Jotunheim that she has not slept for seven nights.” 

When the feast was over, Thrym brought the hammer and laid it in Freyja’s lap. 

The moment Thor’s fingers touched the handle he sprang up, tore the veil from his eyes, and drew back the hammer to strike. 

So angry was he that he laid the giant dead with one blow. 

Thor and Loke went away, leaving nothing but a heap of blazing sticks where the house had been.

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