3 little digital pigs

Lyric FEDEROWICZ December 9, 2022
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Once upon a day, three pigs were enjoying there day. They are new to this world, but didn’t know of a big beast. He stakes the woods waiting for his prey. The first pig moved some hay to build a digital house. One digital night, a digital wolf came prowling. He was big and bad all over. He came up with the most evilest ideas, sometimes working. He knocked silently and growled’’ Pig let me warm my tail. It got burned in a fire.’’ The digital pig was not buying it and oinked back’’ Never. Wolves are so scary.’’ That was very true about the wolf staring him down. He howled back’’Then your getting bomb young son. Come join the fun inside my coat.’’ He then pulled out a bomb and killed the piggy. He then covered him and howled‘’Comfortable little pig.’’ The wolf goal was to get every animal recorded in his coat. If he could, the world would burn. His coat was a long comfortable hoodie. He just hated that word. The next digital piggy was a unique one. He knew of such beast, yet never talked about him. He tried to replicate his jacket, but always failed. He build a house of oak sticks. The wolf came running up, thinking of his new clothes. He knocked softly and growled’’Piggy, let me in. If not, I will delete your house and you.’’ The piggy didn’t want to be deleted from earth. He shook his head no. The wolf hacked the pig and deleted him. He then deleted the house. The beast felt great power. He ran to the last house. It was a hacked house, scaring the wolf. He tried all his tricks but nothing happened. The pig hacked his coat and stole it. The piggy put the hood up, he grew instantly stronger. The wolf was very scared, his pack was his family. Then the pig died. The computer was apparently dead. The wolf and pigs were a part of a new game. A very deadly one. This world will be full of wolves.

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