A Butterfly, a Boy, or a Dream

Skylynn Wohlers June 26, 2017
Fable, Mystery
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There once was a boy, Dillan, who did not know what he was or who he was. Dillan did not do much during the day, usually read or ran around, but never anything important. He thought since he never did anything important that he was not important. He started worrying if he was important and decided he wanted to ask the people he knew if they thought he was important. So the next day he set out to town and told his brother he would be back in two days. He got to the town and started looking around for people he knew. Dillan asked everyone if they thought he was important and they all dodged the question. Since everyone dodged his question he believed that no one thought he was important. He went home a day early and he asked his brother if he thought he was important. His brother dodged the question just like everyone else. Dillan went to bed that night and when he woke up in the morning he was not a boy anymore. He was a beautiful butterfly. He flew around and eventually found other butterflies that knew who he was and were so excited to see him. They brought him back to their home where all the butterflies lived. He asked them if they thought he was important and they all said yes. There was one butterfly who asked him why he wanted to know if they all thought that he was important. Dillan said that when he was a human no one thought he was important and all he wanted was to be important. Dillan asked the butterfly how everyone knew who he was and why everyone thought that he was important. The butterfly responded, we all know who everyone is and everyone is important in the butterfly community because we are part of the ecosystem. He went to bed that night and woke up as a human and was confused. He told his brother and his brother said that he was being absurd so he went to his room and went back to bed. He woke up as butterfly again and everyone greeted him. He kept going between being a butterfly and a human for about two months. He eventually did not even know what he truly was. He did not know if he was truly a human or truly a butterfly or whether he was important or not. He decided that he was a butterfly only because he liked being important. When he went back to bed he woke up in the butterfly world. They all ignored him and he was very confused on why this was happening. He found the butterfly that asked him questions and Dillan asked him why everyone was ignoring him. The butterfly simply said “You are important no matter what or where you are Dillan, do you even know what you actually are?” Dillan said “Yes, I am a beautifully important butterfly.” The butterfly said “No Dillan, you are a normal human and you are important and you do not need anyone to tell you that you are important.” He went to bed and woke up as a human, but he stayed in his room all day and went back to bed. When he woke up the next day he was still a human. He was extremely confused. He asked himself, am I a butterfly, am I a boy, or was it all just a dream? He decided he was an important little boy that meant a lot to the world and to the town and he understood that now. That is the story of the boy who did not know if he was a boy, a butterfly, or had a very odd and strange dream. I know you wanna know if he had a dream or if he was a butterfly at all, and I have the answer. Yes he is a human boy and he did have a dream and yes that dream made him a butterfly, and how do I know this? I know this because I am that butterfly that asked Dillan the questions and gave him the answers he was searching for.

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