The Dog's Dream to Fly

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Once upon a time there was a dog that wanted to fly like a bird. So he found a tree and climbed it. There was a bird at the top of the tree that said you are a silly dog. You are not a bird, you can not fly. So the doggy said how can I learn to fly like you. Well you need wings silly dog. You have four legs and a nose, I have wings and a beak. You can try to make yourself wings to fly but dogs were not meant to fly. So the dog climbed down the tree and went home to think. He was watching some boys fly a kite when he got an idea. When the boys went inside they left the kite on the ground and the dog ran towards the kite. He got tangled up in the kite string and when a big gust of wind came he got picked up off the ground. He was flying and gliding around in  the sky. So he said to the bird that was flying next to him, look I am flying just like you, I have wings like you and I am not a bird. You do not have to be a bird to fly the dog declared. The dog said if there are machines that can fly why wouldn’t I be able to fly just the same. So the dog went home and found a little flying squirrel. The squirrel said to the dog I saw you gliding around the sky just like me. We do not need wings to fly. Let’s go fly together doggy and see if the bird wants to fly with us too. So they were soaring around the neighborhood, in between the trees it felt exhilarating. The bird looked to the dog and said I am very sorry I ever doubted you, because you are flying like a bird and I should have believed that it was possible. So in the end the bird, the squirrel, and the dog became best flying friends forever.

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