A Girl and a Ghost

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Once, there lived a teenage girl with her parents and her older brother. Her family was very fond of her. The neighborhood gave her dozens of nicknames.

Ghosts lived in the village that this girl lived in, so a curfew was put up for the civilians. When the sun went down, that was when the ghosts woke up, so no one could leave their houses after sunset.

But the girl was curious. She had no idea why the civilians hated ghosts. Some of them could be friendly!
However, wherever she went, she didn’t meet anyone who agreed with her. Humans generalized ghosts as vicious monsters.
This girl wanted to think otherwise.

One sunset, the girl was outside her house. The bushes and flowers she sat against caressed her arms and cheeks.
Her parents urged their daughter to return to her house at once. She reluctantly did.

But as her family was sleeping, the girl woke up and tiptoed outside. She then threw a rock into a wishing well. She wished that she would find and befriend a ghost.

Some time passed, and the girl was getting sleepy. What she didn’t know was that hungry hyenas smelled her flesh, and they wanted her as a meal.
The hyenas chased the girl until she passed out. Before the hyenas could maul her, a ghost boy dashed to the girl, fought and scared off the hyenas.

The girl woke up, and stared at the ghost boy who just saved her. He looked like a human, though his hair was white and his eyes were green.
The ghost boy knew for certain they met before. Maybe it was in a dream, or a thought, maybe even that wishing rock worked.

The ghost boy flew the girl back to her bedroom. When the ghost boy left, the girl fell asleep, still thinking of the ghost boy.
The next morning, the girl was still daydreaming of the ghost boy.

Years passed, and when the girl became a young woman, she got a house for her own. Her first night at her new house had a very pleasant surprise.

The same ghost boy she had met years before aged himself into a handsome young ghost man. Ghosts could change their age, and the ghost boy decided to stay with the girl he met.

It was at this point that the ghost boy and the girl knew they were in love with each other. Even though he was nocturnal and she slept at night, they stayed together for life.

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