A Koala inRussia

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    Once upon a time, there were animals in the Russian forest, and in winter suddenly a koala came here from Austalia!
    The koala said something but nobody understood what it was talking about. The wolf called Nick remembered that only bears could understand it, koala’s language! But all bears sleep in winter…What could Nick do?
    He thought: ‘I need to wake up my friend, a bear Misha!’
    So the wolf tried, but the bear didn’t wake up because Misha had a deep sleep. Nick called and gathered all the forest animals, and they woke the bear. Finally, the bear translated the speech of koala. His name was Oliver and it turned out that the koala was travelling and exploring animals of different countries. Oliver asked the information about squirrels, hares, foxes and elks. And that’s what koala found out: squirrels are small, grey or red animals with big tail; hares are also small, but they are grey or white animals with long ears; foxes are fluffy and medium size, they are predators, Fox’s body is red with a big white spot in the middle. Elks are big and strong, horned, brown or black deer. It was so interesting to learn so many new things about Russian animals, the Australian Oliver was very grateful for this information! He also told forest animals about animals from Australia like a kangaroo, an echidna, a platypus and an emu!
    All in all, the wolf Nick became interested in travelling and decided to learn foreign languages in order to travel to different countries too. Take an example from our wolf!
    ~ The END ~

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