A little glow of new beginning written by Elizabeth Langford November 2023

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there was a little glow in the sky a silver sickle sharp moon cuts through the wispy clouds a little firework is upon this night full of expectancy and future hope there was silence fell at midnight hour a little fairy let nothing moved now she was called Bess let nothing stirred now there were some small lights began to appear like fireflies awakening more and more appeared with singing dancing and merry making there was a silver coin filling the depths of Wylda with gaiety and joy the wispy clouds had to praise to rising and waxing moon to the coming of the new season it was the middle of the story has fertile and full of growing seed this is my fifth story on the list to be blessed by the blazing fire sun the spark was bring growth wealth of food the night sky Beltane fire showering the air with fragrant spark

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