A Story of Georgiana

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The Journey to the Country

In a small town, together with her mother, lived a little girl, called Gorgiana. She had fair hair, green eyes and her skin was so white, that when the people saw her, they used to say:
“She shines so brightly, that it’s just impossible not to notice her”.
One day the girl decided to visit her grandmother in the village. She got up early, dressed, put on her hat, took a small suitcase and went to the railway station.
After a while Gorgiana was sitting next to the window in a cosy compartment and watching the houses and trees passing by…
In a few hours the girl was standing on a small hill, looking at her granny’s old house with some exotic trees around it.
She had always admired that marvellous sight.

At Granny’s house

Gorgiana ran down the hill, opened the gates and went into a big hall, the hall was empty. She called granny, but nobody answered. The girl took off her hat and put it on the chair near the wall, then she left her suitcase on the floor and went upstairs. She opened the door of her granny’s bedroom, but there was nobody in the room, it was empty too.
Suddenly a very curious thing happened, one wall of the room shook and it changed into a gorgeous garden, with some lovely trees and squirrels hopping on them.
Gorgiana was so much surprised, that she didn’t notice how she had stepped into the garden.

A Curious Meeting in a Coach

In a few minutes the girl heard a noise of galloping horses, she turned to the right and saw a coach running straight in her direction. A fat old man with a big mustache, was waving his hand and shouting something to her.
“Hurry up! Get on the coach quickly!” – cried he.
At first Gorgiana didn’t know what to do, she was at a loss , but just in one minute, the girl found herself in the coach, in front of the old man.
“We are hurrying to the King’s palace, the king gives a ball today.”– said the man with a smile on his face.
Before the girl could ask him some questions, the coach stopped and the man asked her, too politely, to leave the coach.
As soon as Gorgiana got off the coach , she was standing opposite the king’s remarkable palace in her new sky-blue dress.

At the King’s Palace

The hall in the king’s palace was enormous with the big mirrors on the walls, but, to Gorgiana’s surprise, it was empty.
Soon with the rustle of the excellent dresses, a lot of nobles, chattering and laughing, appeared out of the mirrors.
Some men, in the special costumes, played the trumpets on the balcony.
The king and the queen came down the marble stairs. They were magnificent. The queen’s jewellery was decorated with plenty of colorful precious stones, which glistered prettily and attracted everybody’s attention.
Gorgiana even had to push some ladies, to have a look at them.
The musicians began playing their stringed instruments and some nice pairs danced . While Gorgiana was watching the dancers, she felt somebody touch her, the girl turned back and saw a boy, of about 5. In his dark blue clothes, with lots of silver stars and with his dark blue cylinder, with red and yellow figures on it , the boy looked funny.
“Who are you ?” Gorgiana asked him.
“ I’m little Nick and who are you?” – now it was his time to ask a question to the girl.“I’m Gorgiana and I’m a stranger here.” – answered the girl modestly.
“ You will be my guest today!” –the boy exclaimed gaily and invited Gorgiana to the blue fairy’s house to celebrate the fairy’s birthday there. The girl accepted the invitation with pleasure, they left the palace and went into the king’s glorious garden full of delightful flowers and colorful birds fluttering in the bushes.

The Road to the Blue Fairy’s House

On the way Gorgiana and little Nick met two cheerful violets, which stopped laughing, as soon as they saw the children.
“Hi, little Nick, where are you going?” – asked they.
“To the birthday party of the blue fairy.” –answered little Nick.
“Have a good time, darling”- said the flowers and went on laughing.
“ Thanks!”- said the boy and almost ran away from them.
The children walked on a bridge shaped like a rainbow over the stream and went into the wood. At first Gorgiana was a little scared because of the darkness in the wood, but when she noticed the shining windows, shaped like the big shining hearts in the distance, she calmed down.

The Birthday Party of the Blue Fairy

In a few minutes Gorgiana and the little Nick were in the room, with a big birthday cake in the middle of it.
A girl and a boy ran up to little Nick and asked him:
“Where were you, little Nick? We looked for you and didn’t find you anywhere”- said the children.
The girl was about 7, called beautiful Elene. She was wearing a long yellow dress with small red carnations on it and looked really very beautiful with a garland of daisies on her head.
The boy was about 5, called Konstantine, he was a little brother of beautiful Elene and looked smart. With their brown eyes and chestnut hair, they seemed very kind and friendly to Gorgiana.
Little Nick introduced the girl to his friends and told them proudly how he had met her in the king’s palace. After this, all of them joined the guests singing merrily around the cake.
Opposite the cake, near the wall the fairy was sitting on her wooden chair.
She was clothed all in blue. Her blue eyes were charming and one could easily notice her golden hair under the transparent blue hat. Her brilliant earrings were decorated with countless tiny blue sapphires. Gorgiana had an experience, that the blue fairy reminded her of someone very familiar to her, but whom…she couldn’t remember.
At the end of the party, when it was time to cut the cake, Gorgiana found little Nick sitting on the wooden stairs and crying bitterly, the tears were running down on his rosy cheeks.
“What’s happened? Why are you crying?” – asked the girl.
“ I miss my best friend, naughty Elizabeth so much and nobody wants to take me to see her” – answered little Nick and went on crying.
Gorgiana felt sorry for the boy and decided to help him.

Naughty Elizabeth and the Golden Fairy

The children asked the blue fairy to send them to naughty Elizabeth, and as the fairy was gracious, she raised her magic stick calmly, and just in less time than one minute, the children stood among the huge glittering rocks, which glittered so hard, that Gorgiana and little Nick were disable to open their eyes.
Soon they heard a voice of a little girl.
“Naughty Elizabeth!” with a cry of happiness little Nick ran up to the girl immediately.
With her big brown eyes which twinkled merrily and curly brown hair, she looked naughty , indeed, her purple dress was fine and with her small white wings she could fly swiftly.
While Gorgiana was watching the children chasing each other joyfully around the fountain among the big columns of the golden palace, she saw a young woman walking towards her, with her golden jewellery, she was as graceful as a Greek goddess.
It was naughty Elizabeth’s mum, the golden fairy.
The fairy greeted the children kindly and took them to the biggest room in the palace, where on a round table , the beauty of the ripeness of all kinds of fruits charmed the children.
Later the golden fairy asked her maids to dance in favor of her guests and the girls performed the most exciting Asian dance, the children had ever seen in their lives.
Hours passed away and Gorgiana felt a bit tired. She asked the fairy to let them go, as it was time to get back, but naughty Elizabeth didn’t like the idea, she got anxious and as soon as the golden fairy raised her magic stick, naughty Elizabeth ceased it and dropped it furiously on the ground.

The Magic Field

The strongest shock of an earthquake threw the screaming children high in the sky and when they came to themselves, they were lying on the green grass in the field, with thousands of blue and pink balloons above it.
Little Nick looked very happy, he even tried to catch some balloons,, but in vain.
“ He is not big enough to catch them now, but I know, he will one day” – thought Gorgiana.
At the very moment, the girl felt a big shadow over her, she looked up and saw a huge pink rose swinging like a big butterfly in the air.
The pink rose had two eyes and could speak with her red lips.
“Who are you? And what are you doing here?” – asked she.
“ I am Gorgiana and this is my friend, little Nick” – answered the girl.
“ We were going home, but because of naughty Elizabeth , we found ourselves in this strange field” – she added.
“ Magic field!” – corrected the pink rose firmly and said:
“ Never mind, I’ll take you to the silver fairy, perhaps, she will help you.”
In a few minutes they were flying high in the sky in the direction of the old castle on the top of the hill, where the silver fairy lived.

The Country of the Silver Fairy

The pink rose put Gorgiana and little Nick at the entrance of the castle. The children thanked her, as they seemed very grateful to her, and waved their hands at a disappearing rose. They followed the stony stairs leading to the great hall inside the castle and heard the sounds of music there.
As they went farther and farther, the place full of wonderful notes , was nearer and nearer. At last, Gorgiana and little Nick reached the room. The door was open and the children saw a young lady in silver, playing the piano and singing the most emotional song very sweetly.
“Such a beauty!” – thought Gorgiana.
With her black eyes and black hair the fairy looked amazing. Her silver necklace with a great diamond on it, was a real perfection.
Suddenly Nick sneezed and the silver fairy turned back, two frightened children were standing opposite her, the fairy looked at them in amazement. The children told the fairy all about their strange journey and finally, they asked her for help. The fairy listened to them with wonder and gave them the promise, but at first she wanted the children to accompany her at the Flowers’ Festival in the village that day.
Just in one hour all of them were dancing gaily among the villagers, with the big bunches of flowers in their hands.
Everybody looked pleased, except two robbers, who had arrived from the nearest village that day. They gazed at the great diamond of the silver fairy and intended to steal it.

How Black Rex Saved the Children

The first robber, a younger one , had an idea. He was going to kidnap Gorgiana and little Nick, and then to hold the fairy to a ransom. As the second robber liked the idea, they got ready to fulfil the plan. The robbers took two big bunches of flowers and pretending, as if they were dancing, they got to the children very easily. They took Gorgiana and little Nick to the end of the street, put them into the sacks and run away towards the wood.
After they had left the children in the wood, they decided to return to the village for a snack, as they felt very hungry.
Luckily, there was a field not for from the wood, where two boys, Sam and Jack were playing with a ball.
Sam’s dog, black Rex, was lying on the ground near them. He was so faithful to his patron, that he always followed him and never left him alone. While playing Sam kicked the ball with all his strength and the ball flew straight to the wood. Black Rex jumped and ran towards the wood at once. Soon the dog began barking and the boys rushed to the wood immediately, black Rex was standing near the abandoned old hut. As soon as the boys unlocked the door, a terrible husky voice reached their ears “Stand still! Don’t move.”
The two drunk robbers stood in front of them with a gun in one’s trembling hand. At that very moment black Rex with a loud roar sprang onto the robber from behind the hut and the robber shot the gun..
The bullet went into the air. Sam guessed that it was time to escape. He held little Nick in his arms and ran as fast as he could, Jack and black Rex followed him. Gorgiana was exhausted, she wanted to run, but she couldn’t, her arms and legs didn’t want to obey her.
Suddenly she felt somebody’s hand on her shoulder, the man said something, but she didn’t understand the words, as they weren’t clear to her. Little by little they became clearer and clearer and, at last, she heard :
“ Little lady, wake up, please, little lady,!” Gorgiana opened her eyes with a cry of amazement, a fat old man with a big mustache, in his uniform, stood beside her.
“Youu… youuu…” – she stammered.
“The train will stop at the station , please, get ready.” – said the man with a smile on his face.

At Granny’s Again

Gorgiana, still shocked , was standing on the platform, with a small suitcase in her hand.
“It was a dream, it was a dream…”– she repeated continuously.
When approaching the granny’s house she heard a voice of a laughing boy, she opened the gates and.. It was Nick, little Nick, Gorgiana’s two-year-old cousin, who had been brought to granny by his
parents that morning. The boy was playing with his funny brown puppy and trying to pull his tail. He looked at Gorgiana with his wonderful blue eyes and smiled. He was little and could hardly speak, but when Gorgiana embraced him, she heard how the boy whispered into her ear: “Gorgiana.”
The life, full of fantastic journeys and travels around the world, seemed very exciting to Gorgiana, and she was going to enjoy every moment of it.
The girl raised her head boldly, breathed deeply and said:
“Good luck, little travellers!”

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