A tale of fairies and fireflies written by Elizabeth Langford November 2023

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Long ago in a small village in the Himalayas lived a girl named Maria was a poor and orphan girl she and her younger brother were all alone in the world this is a little tale Maria barely ten years old looked after herself and her brother too then a little fairy had appeared in front her she was very kind polite and helpful by nature she was called Jessica she used to work in the village landlord’s house for livelihood then a little firefly had appeared in front her mistress had nine daughters she was called Fly she was a nice lady and would often help her with food and clothing this is my fourth story on the list but her daughters for no reason disliked Maria there was a little bonfire in the forest the eldest one was named Finnie second one as Annie third one Rannie fourth one Emmie fifth one Fina sixth one Lara seventh one Ina eighth Esha and the last one Sana actually they were all jealous of Maria there were some fireworks going off into the sky maybe because Maria being good in studies and behaviour was apple of everybody’s eye the bangs were very loud whether in school or in the village this was a special treat for her everyone praised Maria the story was true however Finnie and her sisters would never miss a chance to insult her the light was very bright every day after school Maria would go to Finnie’s mansion and work till late in the night only after cleaning the dinner dishes would she return often it would be late by the time she returned home the story was real but her brother would be well awake and waiting patiently for any leftovers that his sister might bring home there was some sparklers in her hand Maria’s house was on the outskirts of the village well beyond the fields and meadows the sparklers were making some designs around the garden she had to cross a steep valley to reach her place the story was right now nobody dared to come that way during night especially during this time of the year as the place turned into a cold dessert in winters in the valley the magic was very powerful there was a beautiful star shaped pond which strangely remained unfrozen throughout the winter with beautiful rainbow coloured bubbles floating over the water at the centre of the pond there stood a berry tree it was so high that it seemed to be reaching the clouds and so dense that it’s branches formed a giant umbrella all over the pond it was the middle of the story the fruits of the tree were read and juicy strangely the fruits of that tree would never fall down

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