Amazing life of Makenna

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Once upon a time, at Dinan village, there was a girl named Makenna. She was one daughter of merchant named Frongsua.
Makenna had different habit and style from other girls in her village. She liked to read and write fables for the children.
Makenna loved her father beacause she lived with her father since she was born, her mom died a month after she was born. But she never thought about the past of her life. She tried to learn new things for her life. She had a beautiful life and freedom.
Makenna had something special and different from other people, she can speak many languages. So that is why she met her exciting adventure in her life. She had gone to the Kremlin land with her father to buy things from an other place.
During her stay in Kremlin, she learnt about many things and moreover she brought her tales to the children in Kremlin. The children in Kremlin thought her tales were very funny. Her story was told in Kremlin land and the story went to Prince Felix of Kremlin.
Prince Felix listened it and of course the prince did not wait to listen from other instead he wanted to see her. He disguised himself as an apprentice to hear the story of Makenna with the children.
The first time he saw Makenna, he fell in love with her. Although they were far apart in age and status the prince did not care about that problem. Instead he just thought she was a very good person and she could make many people in his land happy.
He started talking with Makenna and in that moment she did not know who he was but she talked to him and reacted happily. After they talked, eventually Prince Felix showed himself. He asked her to be a princess and Makenna was excited and surprised. She asked the prince many questions about how he can accept her and her humble beginnings. She was just an ordinary girl!
Prince Felix said “I don’t care, true love does not need anything, love just needs the good feelings of two people. Then he said”I can accept you Makenna”.
Then Makenna said ”In my life I never thought I would become a princess”. She was excited in that moment so she gathered her consciousness and
said “ Yes”.
Makenna became a good Princess of Kremlin and a lover princess of Prince Felix. In the end they got married and became King and Queen of Kremlin. Happy ending…

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