Annie is turning into Ruby pt 7

Kelani McClendon December 2, 2018
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    (During lunch annie sat by herself and was looking at her friends talking)

    (Popular Groupies)

    Kenzi: Um…Guys?
    Jayden: Yes?
    Hayden: Yeah?
    Conner: Yea?
    Johnny: Uhm?
    Kenzi: Why is annie sitting by herself?
    Jayden: (Looks at annie looking down tearing up) Idk, but it looks like she’s about to cry…
    Hayden: What?! (Looks at annie crying) What happened?
    Johnny: (Looks at annie pulling things out of her purse and crying) What is she doing?
    Conner: (Looks at annie putting her arm on something) Yo!
    Everyone: What?!
    Conner: Annie is putting her arm on something!
    Hayden: What is it?
    Johnny: (sees it) It…is…..a….um….
    Kenzi: What?! Babe!
    Jayden: (Looks at annie and sees a picture of caleb, and something sharp) ANNIE!
    Hayden: (Looks) Baby girl?
    Kenzi: (looks) Oh no!, My…….my sisterrr!
    Conner: We need! to go over there!

    (Everyone quickly ran up to annie’s table and mads and rylie followed)

    Kenz: ANNIE STOP!!(Takes her arm)
    Annie: LEAVE ME ALONE!!(Takes her arm back)
    Jayden: Annie, why are you doing this?
    Annie: Reasons!(Gets the sharp thing closer to her arm)
    Hayden: BABY STOP!!!!!!!! (gets her arm)
    Annie: ………(Tears up)
    Johnny: Annie…Why are you doing this?!
    Conner: It’s not like you!
    Kenzi+Jayden+Mads+Rylie: Annie!!!
    Annie: Leave me alone!(Gets her arm)
    Mads: Bae, why are you doing this to yourself?
    Rylie: You can tell us…
    Kenzi: Yep!
    Hayden: Tell me.

    (Annie runs to the bathroom fast)

    Kenzi: Come on Jayden, mads and rylie!
    Mads: Ok, I’m worried about her.
    Rylie: I am to.
    Jayden: Same
    Kenzi: Me, Jayden, Hayden, Conner, and Johnny has known her since we were little….
    Mads: I wonder what’s wrong.

    (The girls ran quickly to the bathroom)

    (with the boys)

    Hayden: My anns….
    Johnny: Somethings wrong.
    Conner: Yeah…
    Hayden: But what? (a tear runs down)
    Johnny: Idk, but I hope she doesn’t do it….(Tears up)
    Conner: Yeah, annie is like our lil sister/ girlfriend to hayden.(Tears up)
    Hayden: If only she told me, I would understand and help her, not get mad!
    Johnny: Ik.
    Conner: Same.
    Hayden: Did I do something wrong?, did i hurt her?
    Johnny: No, you didn’t, she loves you!
    Conner: Yeah!
    Hayden: I wish I could read her mind sometimes….
    Johnny: Dude, don’t be so hard on yourself!
    Conner: Yeah, the girls went to go and talk to her…she’ll be fine.

    (With the girls)

    Anns: Ok….(cuts her arm and leaves a bloody bruise)
    Kenzi: ANNIE!!!
    Jayden: OH MY GOSH ANNIE!
    Mads: ANNIE STOP!
    Rylie: ANNIE!!!!!!
    Anns: Yeah?
    Kenzi: Thats a bloody brusie.
    Anns: Ik.
    Jayden: You know that the brusie will affect you for 35 days..
    Annie: Yeah.
    Mads: Why are you doing that?
    Rylie: Tell us before you get an affection and pass out.
    Annie: You girls told me that I am acting like ruby, and so I tried to changed, but everyone Hated me now, so…yesterday when kenzi, Hayley, my mom, paige, and dad went out to play on the swings, I took this (shows them) and I started to do it yesterday, but I couldn’t. So I hid it in my purse along with a picture of all of us and caleb…Then when I got to school, I went to the bathroom and when I heard the bell ring I went st….(passed out)
    Kenzi: Annie!
    Jayden: Annie!!
    Mads: Annie!
    Rylie: oh no…her arm is affected and she passed out!
    Kenzi: I’ll go get the boys, well the boys!

    (kenzi runs towards the boys)

    Hayden: Kenzi?
    Johnny: Why are you runing fast?
    Conner: Is annie ok?
    Kenzi: No…she passed out from her affected brusie!
    Hayden: What?!
    Johnny: How long will the brusie affect her?!
    Kenzi: well, she also cut her bone so forever and she would have to wear a cast.
    Conner: I’ll call 911, Johnny and hayden you go with Kenzi to annie!
    H,K and Jo: Ok!

    (Hayden, Johnny, and Kenzi left and conner called 911)

    911: 911 what’s your emergancy?
    Conner: My best friend well more like sister has a bloody bruise bc she cut her arm and her bones so now it’s affective and she also passed out.
    911: Okay, where are you guys rn?
    Conner: We are in school and in the bathroom with her.
    911: What school?
    Conner: John Burroughs Middle School
    911: Okay we will be there in 2 mins, just watch over her.
    Conner: Okay thank you
    911: Bye
    Conner: Bye!

    (Conner runs to the bathroom)

    Kenzi: Did you call?
    Conner: Yeah I did.
    Jayden: What did she say?
    Conner: They will bring an ambulance!
    Hayden: Do we get to go?
    Conner: She said if we want we can go with annie.
    Johnny: Did you give her the address?
    Conner: Yeah I did!
    Mads: How long will they be to get here?
    Conner: She said in 2 mins.
    Rylie: Did you tell her what happened?
    Conner: Yeah (heard the bathroom door open)

    (Everyone went into the ambulance and the seating range was: Annie( on the bed) Hayden, Kenzi, Johnny, Jayden, Conner, Mads, and rylie. Hayden talked to annie on the way there)

    Hayden: Baby girl…
    Hayden: I don’t know if you can hear me, but I love you alot….
    Hayden: Your not like ruby, she’s mean and your nice. You have us and that is what matters.
    Hayden: Your kind, Loving, Sweet, Cute, amazing, funny, loyal. You should have the world, and I would give everything for you to have it.
    Hayden: Your my queen, and I bow down to you, I Care for you and I make sure everything is ok.
    Hayden: (tears up) You mean alot to me annie, I don’t wanna loose you, You mean alot to me anns and I want you to know that…
    Kenzi: Can I tak to my twin sister plz hay?
    Hayden: Yeah (switches seats)
    Kenzi: Hey sis..
    Kenzi: I Love you soo much.
    Kenzi: You help me with all of my problems..
    Kenzi: Makes me smile when I am down, take me to the movies, beg me for candy when we were younger and I wouldn’t give it to you bc you had a lot already, and asked Caleb and Hayley…Then you told on us bc we said no, but Hayley said yea but you were so hipper that we gave you Mommy and daddy’s candy.
    Kenzi: Kissed hayden once during our kindergraden play, played Juliet and slapped hayden hard bc you feel on the stage and Hayden laughed at you, but me and Jayden helped you and Johnny was sick so you asked mommy to us her phone to watch barney, dora, and syd the scienctist…
    Hayden: I thought we wouldn’t talk about that!
    Jayden: yea well you laughed!
    Kenzi: Then when we were 3 you held hayden’s hand bc you were scared of the mummy and wanted to get off..
    Kenzi: when me, you, Jayden, Mads, and rylie went to the movies with paige and you feel asleep already..
    Kenzi: My point is…Annie I love you, you are the best sbiling and I dont want you to go with caleb.
    Johnny: That was beautiful kenz..
    Kenzi: (cry) Yeah….I know, I I I dont wanna loose another sbling…
    (Hayden sat next to Annie)

    (In the room annie was talking to herslef)

    Annie: (wakes up with stiches) What the…

    (The doctor came in)

    Doctor: Hello Ms. Leblanc
    Annie: Hi, Is my arm ok?, such as my bone?(moves it) Ouch!
    Doctor: Well….your arm is not okay such as your bones.
    Annie: oh
    Doctor: We had to stich up the marks and We have bad news…
    Annie: What…
    Doctor: You have broken your arm and your bones are also broken..
    Annie: Oh..
    Doctor: We will give you a cast for it, and since this happened your bones are all broken and it is affective for a long time.
    Annie: Awe man!
    Doctor: I will get the cast and put it on, Do you want your friends to come in?
    Annie: My friends are here?
    Doctor: Yes.
    Annie: Yeah sure!, will I be able to go home and school?
    Doctor: Yep, oh and your family is here also if you want me to bring them up along with your friends?
    Annie: No, I wanna see my friends before my family comes.
    Doctor: Okay, I will have them up.

    (Down at the lobby The gang waits for the doctor)

    Doctor: Hello.
    Everyone: Hi.
    Doctor: Annie Leblanc would like to see these names.
    Doctor: Johnny Orlando, Hayden Summerall, Jayden Bartles, Mads Lewis, Rylie Lewis, Conner Flinetly, Mackenzie LeBlanc and Hayley Leblanc.
    Everyone: Okay!
    Doctor: Follow me to room 77

    (They went into room 77 and the doctor went to get annie’s cast)

    Annie: Hey guys!
    Kenzi: Hey sis!
    Jay: Hey!
    Hayley: Sissy!!
    Hayden: Hey Babe.
    Johnny: Hey!
    Conner: Hi!
    Mads: Hey Bae
    Rylie: Hi!
    Annie: I missed you guys so much!
    Everyone: Same!
    Annie: Exspecailly Hay Hay!
    Hayley: I missed you tooo! (Hugs her tightly)
    Kenzi: So what did the doctor say?
    Annie: (still hugging hayley) He said that I am perfectly fine.
    Hayley: What about your arm?
    Annie: He said that I have a major brusie on my arm and that my bones have all been broken, so he went to go and get me a cast.
    Hayden: How long will you have the cast?
    Annie: The doctor said for ever, Like 8th grade, 9th grade, 10th grade, 11th grade, college, when I am an adult and when I am older.
    Johnny: Dang, That long?
    Annie: Yeah, it is supposed to have medince in it and when I am older I get to take it off and work my arm a little, but for now I am not supposed to have medince in my cast.
    Jayden: Wow, will you be able to go to school?
    Annie: Yeah totally!
    Mads: What about cheer?
    Annie: Yes, and tell the girls pratcice it tmr, but yea i will be there.
    Conner: Are they making you come back here?
    Annie: No, they said that I will when I am 34 or older.
    Rylie: I’m just glad that your okay anna!
    Annie: Me to.
    Hayley: Hey Annie and Kenzi?
    Annie: Yes Hay hay?
    Kenzi: Yeah?
    Hayley: Can I talk to you guys in private?
    Annie+Kenzi: Sure!
    Hayden: Okay, well we will leave and we’ll see you down at the lobby girls?
    Annie+Kenzi+Hayley: Yeah!

    (everyone left)

    Annie: So what’s wrong?
    Hayley: My teacher told me some bad news..
    Kenzi: What?
    Hayley: I will be able to graduate, but I will need to learn in a 5th grade level.
    Annie: In what subject?
    Hayley: Math.
    Kenzi: Why are you learning in that grade level?
    Hayley: bc, I am smart
    Annie: Well that’s good, I mean you are going to the 5th

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