Annie is turning into Ruby tunner. Pt 6

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    (In Hayden’s limo)

    Hayden: Babe…you oky?
    Annie: (Tears up): Me and Kenzi made a bet….
    Hayden: About what?
    Annie: (cries) Who takes Jacob to school..
    Hayden: And what was it was it?
    Annie: We….we would date eachothers bfs for 2-6 weeks…
    Hayden: Aww, baby, (lifts annie’s chin) Your never gonna loose me over your twin Mackenzie..
    Annie: Im…..Im…..Im not?
    Hayden: No, I hate her!, but I also Love you….bc your my Baby Girl, and whatever bet you 3 or 2 have, I wouldn’t Like them, I’ll stay with you, Juliana Frances Leblanc….
    Annie: (giggles) It’s annie…
    Hayden: (Lays her head back down) Hayley?
    Hayley: Whattttttttt?!!
    Annie: Jacob?
    Jacob: yes?
    (They arrive)

    Twins: Heyy!
    JayBae: YOU TWO MADE IT?!
    Layla: Oh heyy!
    Maya: Hola!
    (Ruby and the girls apporach annie)

    Ruby: Well lookie lookie, Miss I dont reply to ppl’s txts.
    Annie: Oh you texted?, I thought it was willi…sorry.
    Lauren: You don’t wanna get more of ruby’s pay back!
    Annie: Oh buttercups, I already did, and to be honest….they were weak, like you 3!
    Mia: We aren’t weak!, were stronger!
    Annie: Whatever you have to tell yourselfs in the moring.
    Ruby: Like you ever do anything!
    Annie: Oh?, wanna bet?
    Mia: She takes everything!
    Annie: Aw, You have your defenders all around you?!
    Ruby: Whatever!
    Annie: Im so sorry you were talking to me?
    Lauren: Yeah she was!

    (Annie, Kenzi, Jayden, Maya, Layla, Abby Leaves and annie yells)

    Annie: GOODBYE BUTTERCUPS!!!!(Waves and heads to haydens locker)

    Kenzi: Hey annie?
    Annie: yea?
    Jayden: You Have changed!
    Layla: Yeah, like alot..
    Maya: Yep.
    Abby: I think annie is fine!
    Annie: How am I changing?
    Kenzi: Your kinda like ruby.
    Jayden: Yeah, it’s like watch double ruby’s roasting!
    Layla: Like twin ruby’s
    Maya: This is not Healthy or good for you annie!
    Abby: Maybe annie is still in there!
    Annie: Your….actually right, I mean ruby would say buttercup, and walk away yelling and saying girls all the time.
    Kenzi: So….can you change back to the back sassy annie who talks back to ruby?
    Jayden: Plz?
    Layla: Yeah plz?
    Maya: Pewase?
    Abby: Pleasseee?
    Annie: Oky!
    (Everyone grouped hugged and walked to haydens)
    Anns: Babe!
    Hay: Hey Baby!
    Anns: (hugs) can we go somewhere private?
    Hay: yeah!
    (Hannie leaves and Annie and Hayden goes to and empty locked room)

    Hay: So what’s wrong?
    Anns: I dont wanna do this….
    Hayd: Why?
    Anns: The girls told me that I am actually acting like tunner.
    Hayd: Yea I heard…
    Anns: I don’t wanna do this if it means hurting you….
    Hayd: Baby?
    Anns: Yeah…
    Hayd: You’ll never hurt me, and you just need to find your sassy, cute, adorable, loving self, that’s all!, You need a little bit more than one thing.
    Anns: Like what?
    Hayd: You need to be on tour alot, oky?
    Anns: Oky, thanks Babe!
    Hayd: Np, I’m always here for you.
    Anns: (smiles and hugs) thx Hayd..
    Hayd: (smiles and Hugs) Np Anns
    Anns: (lets go) Your the best Boyfriend ever Hayd.
    Hayd: I know, just be yourself anns,and I love you for that.
    Anns: Ik!(smiles)
    Hayd: Can we go?
    Anns: I wanna go to class!
    Hayd: Yep!

    (In class)

    To Be continue

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