Annie turning into ruby pt8

Kelani McClendon December 2, 2018
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    (with hayden and the group(Except annie, kenzie and Hayley))

    Hayden: I’m glad that annie is ok
    Mads: Yeah, and you laughed at her in kindergraden?
    Hayden: ugh!, I was only 1 years old!
    Johnny: Dude just tell the story of what happened.
    Hayden: Fine, It started when Me, Jayden, Johnny, Kenzi and Annie went to the bus stop bc our parents had a meeting to attened to, and ofc it was a Youtube meeting. I sat next to Annie, Jayden sat next to Conner, but ofc we didn’t know conner that day so Jayden introduced us to Him. Anyways, Kenzi was sitting next to Johnny. Me and Annie just looked at eachother bc I knew what she was gonna say. Annie told me all about this play we were having in kindergraden, and that she is playing Juleit and that I would be playing Romeno. When we arrived We meet Conner and he was pretty cool so all of us became best friends. The play was after school, so when we arrived after school, annie was humming her lines and singing her ABC’s, Idk why it was just annie. When the play started annie was doing fine she talked and I said ” Gaga Goo Doo” For no reason, Then annie was at the egde of the stage and she tripped over a trash can and fell , I laughed bc It was funny and I was only 1 at the time. The end!
    Johnny: Yeah that was what happened.
    Mads: You could of just helped her like kenzi and Jayden did!
    Rylie: Yeah I mean that makes sense.
    Hayden: I was only 1!
    Conner: We all were dude!(laughed)

    (With the girls)

    (Annie Has a flashback of 1st grade)

    Annie: Kenzi, Jayden, Hayden, Johnny, and Conner?!
    Kenzi: Yes?
    Jayden: Yeah?
    Hayden Yes?
    Johnny: Yea?
    Conner: Yesh?
    Annie: Wanna color?
    Kenzi: Yay! I like to color!
    Jayden: I Love coloring!
    Hayden: I wanna color tooo!
    Annie: (giggles) You cannn!
    Johnny: Okie!
    Conner: I like to color bc coloring is my favorite and my best friend.
    Annie: We are not your best friends?
    Conner: You are annkian!
    Annie: Thanks Bor Bor !
    (End of flashback)

    DOCTOR: Okay Ms.Leblanc, here is your cast!
    Annie: thank you
    DOCTOR: Let me put it on and then you will be free to leave!
    Annie: Okay!
    DOCTOR: Let me call Nurse Amy, she knows how to put casts on.
    Annie: Ok…

    (The doctor left and went to Amy)

    Doctor: Amy!
    Nurse: Yes Phil?
    Doctor: You are needed in room 77, a patient name Annie Grace Leblanc needs her casts to be put on.
    Nurse: Oky, what room and who?
    Doctor: Rm 77 and paiten name is Juliana Grace LeBlanc but its Annie.
    Nurse: Okay (goes to talk to Annie’s Parents)

    (Annie’s Parents)

    Mrs.L: Is she oky?
    Nurse: Yes she’s fine, I just need to put a casts on her.
    Mr.L: Can I have the papers to sign her out?
    Nurse: Yes (Hands the papers) I will be right back with your daughter.

    (The Nurse goes to annie’s room)

    Nurse: Hello Annie, My name is Nurse Amy!
    Annie: Hi!
    Nurse: Okay let’s put this casts on you and then your ready to leave!
    Annie: thank you!
    Nurse: Your welcome, are these your friends or sbilings?
    Annie: They are my sisters.
    Nurse: Well, Hello my name Is Nurse Amy!
    Kenzi: Hi, I am Mackenzie, annie’s twin sister!
    Nurse: Nice to meet you, and who is this cutie here?
    Hayley: My name is Hayley, Annie and kenzie’s sister!
    Nurse: Well, nice to meet you, your sister will be leaving today!
    Kenzi: yay!
    Nurse: (puts casts on annie) This one is soo cute annie!
    Annie: Thank you!
    Nurse: Okay, now you may leave, want me to walk you girls down?
    Girls: Sure!

    (Annie goes downstairs to see her friends and Family)

    Annie: MOMMY DADDY!!!(runs up)
    Mom: Hey annie!(Hugs)
    Dad: Aww my girl!(hugs)
    Kenzi: um, Mommy Daddy?
    Mom: Hey Girls!(Pulls them in)
    Daddy: Aw all of my girls!(Hugs)
    Annie: Hey Mommy and Daddy?
    Mommy: Yes?
    Kenzi: Can we get Ice cream with Jayden, Hayden, Conner, and Johnny?
    Hayley: Yeah!, and my friends?!
    Annie,Kenzi, and Hayley: PLEASEEEEEEEEEE?!??!?!
    Mommmy+Daddy: (laughs) OKay okay fine!
    Girls: YAYAY!!!!(Jumps up and down)
    Daddy: Just be home around 7!
    Girls: OKAY!
    Mommy: And Annie and Kenzi, your respondsable for Hayley!
    Twins: OKAY!
    (Mrs. Katie and Mr. Billy left)
    (with the groupie)

    Annie: Ready?
    Jayden: Yeasss
    Mads: (checks time) Its 5 and my parents gets home rn and they know that I am with bryan rn and I have a date with him today! around 6, sorry Bae’s but me and rylie has to go!
    Kenzi: Awe!, bye bye!
    Annie: Bye good luck!
    Jayden: Love you girls!
    Hayden: Bye!
    Johnny: Later!
    Conner: (checks time) I have to go to, my Baby sister is home from school and I have a date with destiny Flinetly tonight.
    Conner: um….no destiney Fliently is my sister and I have a sbilings date with her!
    Jayden: A sbilings what?
    Conner: I’ll text you and tell you about it.
    Jayden: Okay bye!(Hugs)
    Conner: Bye (hugs back, pulls away) Bye guys see you tmr!
    Annie: Bye!
    Hayden: Bye!
    Johnny: BYe!
    Kenzi: BYe
    Hayley: Byee!
    Hayden: So it’s just the 5 of us?
    Annie: Yeah, I gues-(gets a video chat from Mommy)
    Kenzi: Take it

    (Annie answers)

    Annie: Hello?
    Mommy: Hey Annie!
    Annie: Hey Mommy!
    Mommy: Me and your father will be out tonight with nonnie at her new huse and buying stuff for it.
    Annie: Okay, sounds good!
    Mommy: You and Kenzie are watching Hayley tonight when you get home!
    Annie: Okie
    Mommy: Love you bye!
    Annie: Love you to bye!

    (walks back)

    Kenzi: What did mommy say?
    Annie: We both have to watch Hayley when we get home.
    Jayden: Why?
    Annie: They are at Nonnie’s rn helping her un pack and buying things for her house.
    Hayley: oh, so what time do we have to be home by?
    Annie: Ig 7:20pm is fine.
    Hayden: Okay!
    Kenzi: So who’s gonna set the timer? or clock?
    Annie: I can’t
    Hayden: Me either.
    Jayden: same.
    Johnny: I will set it for you 3.
    Annie: thx, Hayley?
    Hayley: Yeah?
    Hayden: where is your phone?
    Johnny: I have it!

    (During Ice Cream)

    Hayden: Hey annie?
    Annie: (falls alseep)….
    Kenzi: What time is it?
    Johnny: 7: 00pm.
    Jayden: I mean she had a long day today, so we can’t really blame her for anything that happened in school at lunch today.
    Hayley: Yeah, I’m just happy that I didn’t loose another sbiling..
    Hayden: We all miss Caleb Hayley, I am happy to see my Baby girl.
    Jayden: I am so glad to have my best friend.
    Johnny: I’m happy to have my sister!
    Kenzi: I am soo happy that my twin sister made it.
    Hayley: I am to kenzi.
    Jayden: Have you talked to her yet hayden?
    Kenzi: About?
    Hayden: I haven’t, and It’s me giving her a promise ring, but this isn’t really worth it anyways.
    Hayley: It is worth it hayden!
    Jayden: Yeah, I mean you really love her!
    Johnny: so it is worth it!
    Kenzi: I’ll wake annie up so that you can do it!
    Hayden: Thanks guys!
    Everyone: Np!

    (Kenzie, Johnny, Hayley and Jayden wakes annie up by agruing and yelling and making nosies)

    Annie: Stooooppppppp! (whines)
    Kenzi: Hayley give me back my phone!
    Hayley: NO!
    Jayden: Hayley just do it!


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