Back from tour(hannie, jenzie and more) Dating now

Kelani McClendon November 28, 2018
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    Part 2
    (Annies pov): I woke up this moring with kenzie and hayley yelling from across the hall. Mom and dad was awake and making breakfast, I checked my instagram and saw Hayden’s post..It was the day when we all said all of our goodbyes bc we were going our spereate ways….well not Mads, rylie, caden, hayden, dylan, johnny, lauren, ruby, brooke, rush, me, kenzie, mommy, daddy, and hayley. It was Case Martin who joined us for the RYH, well he is in the RYH crew and we all have fun, but he lives where I used to live, or not, oh yeah I don’t live in Maryland anymore bc my parents thought that we should have a better life, and the RYH crew called my mom and dad and they agreed for me and Hayley and my parents to be on the RYH crew for as long as I want!, Mackenzie got signed to be singing with her boyfriend Johnny Orlando, and I got to do a duet with hayden Taylor Summerall, and Hayley got to be on “Mani”, and i got to be in Chicken girls with everyone!(except Kenzi, Ruby, Layla, Maya, and Lauren, and Jayden) My sister Mackenzie gets to be on Total Eciples with my bestie Lauren, and Jayden is on Disney Channel with ruby on a BRAND NEW SHOW!, I was on there once for bizzarvark, it was fun. Anyways I checked my texts and saw Hayden texting, so I replied.
    (End of Annie’s Pov)

    (texting HayBae)

    Hay: Hey Baby!
    Anns: Hey Babe!
    Hay: My parents got a call!
    Anns: From who?
    Hay: Rock your hair!
    Anns: Yay!, what did they say?
    Hay: That in 3 weeks we will be on VACATION!
    Anns: Oh my stars!, really?
    Hay: Yep, and the rock your hair is calling ur parents!
    Anns: Okie see ya in class babe?
    Hay: Ok, are you and your sisters driving in a tesla with your driver?
    Anns: Nope, my sisters are driving in own cars with their drivers!
    Hay: Okie!
    Anns: See you at my locker!
    Hay: Okay bye love you!
    Anns: I Love youu tooo

    (gets dressed and wears a crop and black ripped jeans and heads down)

    Mom: Moring annie!
    Annie: Moring mom and dad!
    Dad: hey princess!
    Mom: so we got a call from the RYH crew.
    Annie: What did they say?
    Dad: In 3 weeks all of the RYH crew is going on vac!
    Mom: Yep!
    Annie: Awesome!
    Dad: Oh!, Johnathan is here!
    Mom: Have a nice day!
    Annie: Okie!
    Dad: Love you honey!
    Annie: Love you to mommy and daddy!

    (Leaves and gets into the tesla)

    Driver: Hey Annie
    Annie: Hey Johnathan
    Driver: Are you ready for school?
    Annie: Yeah!
    Driver: well lets go!

    (at school)

    (part 3 will be out soon)

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