Battling With The Forest Creek

NICOLE SMART November 28, 2021
Action/Adventure, Fable
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Once upon a time, there was a wicked fairy godfather, who drove all of the animals out of the forest. He was so vicious that anyone who entered the forest would be killed. The birds and all the critters were unable to return to the forest.
So one morning in the early hours of the morning, the weather was calm, the sun shone mildly, and the wind blew a cold delightful breeze. The animals sat down sipping their tea and devised a plan to eliminate the evil fairy godfather.
“Who wants to go represent us and slay that wicked fairy,” said the mongoose. No one dared to respond and no one was willing to do so.
Just then, a small frail voice was heard saying, “I’ll go,” said a squirrel. Everyone was amazed.
“You’re too small, the firefly said, “You have no chance against him. Do you think this is a child’s game?” The firefly laughed.”
“Don’t worry about me; I’m as brave as the wind that blows in and out,” said the squirrel emphatically.
They conferred and determined that the young squirrel was too young to travel.
”Hold it there,” said the squirrel, “I am small in stature but have bigger thoughts than any of you,” demanded the little squirrel.
After a long time of fussing, they finally decided to send the small creature on this dangerous journey.
“Take this special sword with you. It belonged to my great grandfather. He gave it to me, which he used many years ago in the battle of Warrick,” said the mule.
“Oh, I’m sorry. I don’t need it, my dear,” replied the squirrel calmly.
“Please, I beg of you take this ring and place it on your finger. It will keep you from being afraid,” smiled the rabbit.
“Oh, I’m afraid, I don’t need it, my dear,” replied the squirrel in a calm voice.
“Wait,” then said the mongoose, “let’s pray together so that God can help you. They formed a small ring and clasped their hands together to pray to God for protection for the little youngster.
“Take this charm with you,” the firefly advised. “You’ll need it for protection.”
“Oh, I’m afraid, I won’t need anything, my dear. I already have your faith,” replied the squirrel confidently.
The little squirrel was soon ready to go.
Everyone questioned whether he or she had made the right decision in entrusting the little squirrel for such a large task. They hugged him, and he waved goodbye to his friends before embarking on his journey to the dangerous creek forest.
He walked further and further, praying that nothing would come between him and his thoughts because he was certain of himself. After a long journey, he arrived at a large steep hill, with the sign “Welcome to Creek Forest, where no one is allowed to enter.”
The leaves suddenly began to swirl around him, dancing and staring at him. He started to get cold chills all over his body.
“You cannot pass through here because you must die. You are not the owner of the forest.”
The leaves whirled violently around him; causing him to stagger but he maintained his stance.
They yelled, “You think you’re strong! Let us swirl harder and faster until he is no more.”
They began to whirl fiercely around the little squirrel.
Nonetheless, the little boy felt cold chills on his body once more. He stooped down because he was freezing.
“What a wuss!” they yelled. “Too frail for us. Let’s get rid of him.”
Just then, he started whistling, and the leaves started bawling and howling like the wind.
“Too strong for us,” and they vanished.
“What a day,” the boy exclaimed then he took another step.
“Hold it there, young man. “Where do you think you are going?” Roared the sticks
“If you think you can handle us, think again; we’ll deal with you.”
So they chartered a plane and headed straight for the boy. He began to wrestle with the sticks until he was out of breath and exhausted. He bent down for he was too exhausted.
“What a jerk!” they laughed. One of them said. ‘Send strong men, not weak wimps to fight us.”
The boy then began to whistle loudly, and the sticks began to shake violently and fall to the ground like dead men.
The boy was startled to hear a loud voice say, “Father Fairy, come to deal with this boy.” The trees began to sway violently, leaving the boy rooted to the ground.
“What is your name? What brought you here?” the fairy grandfather exclaimed loudly.
The boy didn’t say anything.
“Take a look around. No one lives here except me. No one survives here.” He laughed so hard that the trees joined in on the fun.
The boy said, “He who laughs hard, laughs last.” with a mean expression on his face.
“I have the ability to kill you right now. You are no match for me,” the fairy grandfather grumbled. “Look around, the forest is mine.”
“I can destroy you,” the boy replied, “I’m not scared of you. You can’t have it both ways. The forest is home to all of the creatures, including the birds. The forest would be like a dead man without them. You also require them for comfort and reproduction. Then your life will be magical.”
The fairy began to clap so loudly that the boy’s ears began to ring and he clasped his hand over his ears, but this did not work. The boy began to whistle very loudly, but it still did not work.
The fairy clutched the boy’s arm so tightly that his eyes welled up. He was exhausted and exhausted. Then he heard a small voice within tell him to try harder and not give up.
The boy fought with all his might, but he break free of the grip. The fairy stood there, laughing uncontrollably.
“Are you such a fool to come here unprotected?” The fairy chuckled, “I’ll teach you a lesson, I’ll kill you, and I’ll feed you to the wind.”
The youngster opened his big mouth and began preaching. “God has given me a message to pass on to you. You are God’s greatest son. He loves you. He wishes for you to forgive those who have wronged you. Don’t be a bummer to others. Allow the animals to return to the forest and do the right thing.”
When the fairy heard this, he howled like the wind. He howled and howled until he was out of breath.
“I beg you, don’t mention his name,” pleaded the fairy grandfather, “All I wanted was to reclaim my son. I blame God for taking his life away from me,” the fairy exclaimed even louder. “No one had ever spoken to me like that before,” the fairy continued, “Everyone has been extremely cruel to me. So, even though I’m cruel, God still loves me?”
“He does,” the squirrel wailed.

“Ahh! “You’re such a brave boy,” the fairy said.

So, in a calm voice, the boy said. “It’s me, your son. I had to disguise myself because you were too evil to the creatures.

When the fairy heard this, he began to cry uncontrollably until all the creatures could hear him.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” begged the fairy. “Can you please forgive me?”

“Yes, dad” replied his son. They hugged each other so tightly on the spot.

From then on, the fairy treated all creatures, great and small, with respect. He allowed all of the animals to return to the forest. He was known throughout as the best fairy in Forest Creek.

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