Being Kind Is Doing A Favour To Oneself

Joy Paul August 8, 2017
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    Once upon a time in a far away kingdom, in the French Riviera, Artois ruled by the noble King Jean Marie there lived a poor farmer, Peter. The farmer had a wife who was thriftful. It was only because of her the farmers’ could have meals twice a day. Despite working with his two teenaged sons the whole day in their small orange farm they were not able to earn much.

    During the cold winters which lasted for four to five months, the family would survive in the fish from River Sonne, the lifelime of Artois.

    The beautiful River Sonne flowed across the vast kingdom through the capital. Throughout the year the rover would be brimming with cool water from the mountains, full of fishes. There was plenty of fish in the river. People believed that Sonne was a gift for them from the Almighty which would fulfill all their needs apart from quenching their thirst.

    The sons of Peter, Mark and Stefan would catch plenty of fish which were partly consumed by the family and partly sold at the weekend market. The Capital of Artois was famous for the weekend market at the lawns behind the Royal Castle. Traders and merchants from far and near kingdoms would be there to show case their products which ranged from spices from the Hindu kingdoms beyond the Hindu Kush, slaves from Egypt, grains from England, silk from the Northern Kingdoms to exotic jewelry from Persia. The two brothers would try to sell the oranges in summer months and fish at other times.

    It so happened that during one such winter morning the two brothers had set out in their small boat, but very surprisingly they could catch just a few fish.

    Being patient the elder Mark insisted that they should try throwing the net once again that too hopefully. To their astonishment they saw a golden fish stuck in their net trying its best to set itself free. Stefan pulled the net very cautiously to the boat, took out the sparkling fish and put it in the corner of the boat which had a shallow pool of water just enough to keep the fish alive. The fish had fins of gold, and suddenly started speaking which sounded like tingling of bells. The fish in a very soft voice said that in case the brothers would set it free, it would fulfill any one wish they may ask for in return.

    The younger Stefan insisted that they sell the fish for a fortune, but the elder Mark convinced his brother that they had a golden chance of getting anything they wished for.

    The brothers discussed for a while and decided to set the golden fish free. Mark remembered that his mother had always advised him that doing welfare of others meant ones own welfare. He asked the golden fish to multiply the fish in the river Sonne so that the river would be full of fish for years to come.

    Pleased at the wish of young brothers, the fish said their wish would be fulfilled and then showed them two beautiful young girls on the bank of the river and asked them to take them home as their wives.

    The fish continued that like their mother these girls would also be wise and thriftful and make their homes a real paradise.

    The brothers were very astonished to see such beautiful girls. They then accompanied them to their house. They told their father and mother what had happened that morning. The old couple were very happy at what had happened and welcomed the girls to their humble household and accepted them as the wives of their two sons. The mother named the wife of Mark, Clarke and the wife of Stefan as Jane.

    As predicted by the golden fish the wise wives Class and Jane with their thrift fullness bettered the condition of the foursome and so they lived happily for many many years.

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