Caleb And The Moon

Caroline Peyron September 19, 2022
Magic, Romance
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Caleb fell in love with the moon every night since her silver skin had shone onto his cradle bed. They sing to one another each night in the garden, and when Luna has to leave him and be dark for a while, he sings to her anyways. Cross legged, open eyed, and with a heavy heart, he sings to an empty sky, where there are more stars than ever, since Moon Lady lent them her shine.

But Caleb has been growing old now, and the city lights and his aging eyes are blurring Lady like a haze, are stealing sweet Luna away. Caleb whispers in the garden, “Luna do not leave me,” but he can’t find her in the lamplight, and he hangs his head and cries. Never has his heart been so leaden since his own mother left him. Never have his eyes failed him so since they could not see her coming home.

The moon calls his name in the breeze. Sad and sweet, like a tape recorded song from a friend who did not survive. She says “Caleb, you are an old man, and it is hard for you to see, but the lights of that city are piercing holes in me. I have to go and hide, in the forest and the night time, and someday I will call you back to me, but for tonight and a long while, I must leave.” Caleb on his knees sobbed like he never knew to breathe, and he begged her “please,” but the moon knows more than any.

He lost her in the city, and for years he was alone. He would whisper to himself as he tried to cry sleep into his bones, repeating every word that dear Luna long ago spoke: someday she would call him home, and love would live infinite.

Caleb walked like a gypsy, and he left his lonely city, with nothing but a few bucks in his pockets. He cleaned his old house, shut the windows, and he kissed his sister’s children. He gave her the key and said that he would leave, and so he made like a sailor, stole away to meet his maker, and finally one night he found himself on the forest floor.

Laying supine as a mountain, Caleb found himself drowning in the moonlight of his lover’s eye, and he died with a smile. The forest made him into soil, and hung his hat on a hook. He was buried by the wolverines, but his soul the moon had took.

All a man’s life he is fighting to find his way back home, and Caleb finally made it after years of being alone. Look up into the cosmos and you might see him roam in circles through the moonlight, a fast frenzy of a wildfire, dancing in and out of his lover’s arms, but always in her sight.

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