Cheerleading/Football part 5

Kelani McClendon November 30, 2018
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    (Annie’s pov) I woke up and decided to check Instagram, I looked on there and there were plenty of comment saying ” Annie Love your pic”, “Annie when are you coming back to Maryland?”, ” Love you Babe”, “Heyyyyyyyyyyy twin!”. I Knew that one was from kenzi, anyways I got dressed and wore a Crop top that says” Babe” and wore ripped skinnny jeans, and black vans. I walked out and heard paige laughing and playing music, Kenzie wore a crop, skinny jeans, and Pink vans, Hayley walked out and was wearing a yellow crop and Ripped skinny jeans and Black and white Vans, we all walked down and saw paige with a boy..(end)

    Annie: who’s that?
    Paige: Hey girls!
    Kenzi: Hi..
    Hayley: Hi…
    Paige: This is Jacob’s son, Mikel!
    Kenzi: Jacob’s son!?
    Paige: Yes, and He’s your age kenzi!
    Annie: Ha! (Laughs)
    Paige: And your age annie!
    Kenzi: Ha!, Guess who’s the joke now?!
    Hayley: Hi!, Im hayley, these are my sisters, they are twins.
    Jacob: Hayley?
    Hayley: Jacob?

    (with Annie and kenzi)

    Annie: Your not the joke!
    Kenzi: Oh yeah, wanna bet?!
    Annie: Fine!, $20.00
    Kenzi: DEAL!!!
    Annie: The loser gets to date the winners bae for 2 days!
    Kenzi: Ew!, No!, Not Hayden!
    Annie: What’s wrong with Hayden?
    Kenzi: I don’t like him!
    Annie: So!, HE’S MY BOYFRIEND!
    Kenzi: Ugh! fineeee!, If I win you have to date Johnny for 6 days!
    Kenzi: It’s already planned!
    Annie: Finneeeeeee
    (The twins goes back)

    Hayley: I didn’t know you go to my twin sisters school?!
    Jacob: I do, they have a elementary there!
    Annie: Okay!, Hayley we need to leave, SATAT!
    Hayley: Why?, It’s 6:30am.
    Kenzie: Let’s just say annie is in a bad mood rn.
    Jacob: Can one of your sisters show me around?
    Hayley: I go to the elementary!
    Annie: YES!, I’m gonna text Hayden when the bet is over!
    Jacob: Or maybe you?
    Kenzi: I’m texting Johnny!
    Twins: Yes?!
    Hayley: Why are you two agruing?
    Twins: It’s all Her! Fault!
    Hayley: Okay, who’s fault is it?
    Twins: HER’S!
    Hayley: (laughs) When you two get mad, you both say the same things at once.
    Twins: We do not!
    Hayley: Yeah sure!
    Twins: Ugh! whateves!
    (Annie gets a call from hayden and then kenzie gets a call from john)

    (Hannie first)

    Annie: Hello?
    Hay: Hey Baby.
    Annie: Hey Hay!
    Hay: I’m coming in 20 mins!
    Annie: Okay, I’m ready btw!
    Hay: Okay, see you then.
    Annie: K, oh can we take Jacob and Hayley too?
    Hay: Yeah sure!
    Annie: Okie thx babe!
    Hay: Np, see you in 20 mins!
    Annie: Ok byeee love you
    Hay: Love you 2 bye!
    (Hangs up)

    (with Jenzie)

    John: Hey Kenz
    Kenzi: Hey!
    John: I’m coming in 20 mins.
    Kenzie: Okay!
    John: You ready?
    Kenzie: Yeah, Love you byee john!
    John: Bye Kenzi love you too!
    (Hangs up)

    Annie: Hayley and Jacob!
    Hayley: Yes?
    Jacob: Yeah?
    Annie: Hayden is coming to pick us up in 20 mins!
    Hayley: Yay!
    Jacob: Okay!
    Annie: Im gonna go and get my cheer bag!
    Hayley: Okay
    Jacob: K!
    Annie: Hayley?
    Hayley: yes?
    Annie: You can Jacob let me know if Hayden comes!
    Hayley: Ok!
    Jacob: K!
    (Get a txt from Ruby tunner)

    Ruby: Hey Werido!
    Annie: (doesn’t reply)
    Ruby: um, Hello werido?
    Annie: (Doesn’t reply)

    (Hayden and Johnny arrives at the same time, so kenzi, Hayley, Jacob and annie leaves the house and Annie, Hayley and Jacob goes into Hayden’s Limo. kenzi goes into johnny’s pochers)

    (With Hannie+ Jayley)

    Hayden: Hey Baby!
    Annie: Hey!
    Hayley: Hi Hayden!
    Hayden: Hey!
    Jacob: Heyy!
    Hayden: Hey Lil bro!
    Annie: Hey Jarel!
    Jarel(driver): Hey Annie and Hayley!
    Hayley: Oh hey Jarel!
    Hayden: Annie?
    Annie: Oh yeah, wait yes hay?
    Hayley: Annie Made a bet with kenzi.
    Annie: Shh!
    Hayden: What was the bet?
    Annie: Um….noth-
    Jacob: It was about who’s gonna take me.
    Hayden: Really annie?, how much did you bet?
    Annie: Not th-
    Hayley: $20.oo
    Annie: Nooo!
    Hayden: Is this true an-(gets kissed my Hayden)
    Annie: (Face’s Hayley and Jacob)
    Hayley: I mean, im only 10 annie!
    Jacob: Same
    Hayden: (takes annie’s lips off) What the_
    Annie: (cuddles) 🙁
    Hayley: Okay…:)
    Jacob: Why? 🙁
    Hayden: Babe?
    Annie: (Looks up sad) 🙁 Yeah?
    Hayden: what is this all about?
    Annie: Um…

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