Cheerleading&Football(Hannie, jenzie and more Back together pt 4

Kelani McClendon November 29, 2018
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    (Annie’s Pov) I woke up to Call Hayden bc he is always asleep, Jayden bc she does her dance routen and Mom and dad bc they went back out this moring and I wanted to know what car are we taking…
    (Calling Hayd)
    Hay: Hello?(sleepy voice)
    Anns: Hey Babe!
    Hay: Hey.(half awake)
    Anns: What’s wrong?
    Hay: Nothing, I was asleep, what time is it babe?
    Anns: It’s 7:03am
    Hay: When do we leave for school?
    Anns: 7:10 or 7:20.
    Hay: Ok
    Anns: what car is Jarel driving you in?
    Hay: Idk, I did ask my dad and mom but all they said is to wait.
    Anns: Okay.
    Hay: what car is Johnathan driving you in?
    Anns: Um, Idk, and my parents aren’t home, only Paige and my chef.
    Hay: Well what car did Johnathan drove in?
    Anns: The day before was a Limbo with my sisters.
    Hay: What about after that?
    Anns: A tesla
    Hay: And yesterday Johnathan drove you in a lambo.
    Anns: we Have a Volvo.
    Hay: Yeah probaly that. What else cars?
    Anns: Lexus XR, BMW, Audi, Nissan, infitini, toyota, honda, and porsche.
    Hay: You have a lot of cars Babe
    Hay: Is that Mackenzie?
    Anns: yep, and hay- (hayley in the background) I DIDNT TOUCH ANNIES THINGS OR YOURS IT WAS Y.O.UUUUUU SO BE QUIET BC ANNIE IS ASLEEP!
    Hay: And Hayley?
    Anns: Yep.
    Hay: They agrue?
    Anns: In the moring!
    Hay: My brothers does that to except m-( Back ground Dylan) JIMMY STOP TEXTING BROOKE SHE KEEPS TXTING ME MEAN THINGS!
    Anns: Is that Dylan?
    Hay: Yeah, and Jimmy is asleep.
    Anns: Well our sbilings has alot in common.
    Hay: Yep. what time is it?
    Anns: 7:06 am(yawns) I think im gonna head back to bed.
    Hay: Okay, I’ll call you when it is 7:10am..
    Anns: (sleeps)
    Hay: Bye love you(Hangs up)

    (Annie’s pv: I went back to sleep after talking to Hayden, I heard a loud commotion and It was kenzie and hayley finding there stuff, then kenzie barged into my room and along with it was hayley, I woke up and checked the time, it was 7: 07am, then I faced kenzie and hayley(end of annie’s pov))

    Annie: whattt!
    Kenzi: Annie, hayley took my irons!
    Hayley: NO!
    Annie: Uhm, Hayley did you take it?
    Hayley: Yes…sorry kenzie
    Kenzi: But why?, annie wake uppp!!!
    Annie: Okay! (sits up) Yeah why?
    Hayley: I didn’t feel cute or pretty enough….and Yesterday Jacob dumped me for Jessica and Jessica is mean to me, and I just feel like I don’t belong here..
    Kenzi: Aww, Hay Hay Im so sorry…
    Annie: Yeah, but you don’t have to be prefect for a guy all the time.
    kenzie: yep, just be yourself, that’s all what guys want us to be, and they will appereate it as much as we do.
    Annie: Yeah, and remember what I told you yesterday?
    Hayley: Not really…
    Annie: I told you that all of the girls are jealous of y-(hears door bell)
    Kenzie: who’s that?
    Hayley: idk, annie?
    Annie: It’s not Hayden..
    Kenzi: or Johnny or Jayden or any of the girls.
    Annie: Hold on(Gets up)

    (Goes to the hall)

    Annie: Hey paige?!
    Paige: YES?!
    Annie: Who’s at the door?!
    Paige: Um..this boy name Dylan, he’s Hayley’s age!
    Annie: LET HIM IN!
    Paige: Okay!

    (goes back inside)

    Annie: Hayley.
    Hayley: Yes.
    Kenzie: who was it?
    Annie: A boy name Dylan, and he’s hayley’s age.
    Hayley: Oh…um….he’s………um……Boyfriend..
    Kenzie: You have a Boyfriend?!
    Annie: So your over Jacob and Julian?
    Hayley: Yep, and since we are gonna head to school, I thought maybe all of us can take the limo, that’s why I called mommy and daddy and they said yes, and they called Johnathan!
    Annie: Cool, Um let me check the time..
    Girls: K!
    Annie: we have 4 mins and im dressed, so is kenzie and hay-
    (Annie’s phone rings)


    HayHay: Hey Babe
    Anns: Hey!
    Hay: Your up?
    Anns: Yeah, my sisters woke me up..
    Hay: Okay, I saw a limo…
    Anns: Oh yeah, we are riding in that today.
    Hay: Okay Babe
    Anns: Hey Babe?
    Hay: yes princess?
    Anns: Aww!, your sooo cute!
    Hay: Thx cutie
    Anns: Wanna drive with us in the limo?
    Hay: Sure Baby Girl
    Anns: Okay Love you!
    Hay: LOve you to byeee!

    (Hangs up)

    Annie: (signs) Okay, lets get go downstairs!
    Hayley: Okay!
    Kenzi: ok!!!

    (heads downstairs)

    Hayley: Hey!
    Dylan: Hey cutie!
    Hayley: This is my twin sisters Annie and Mackenzie but kenzie.
    Dylan: So you 3 are triplets?
    Hayley: No, we aren’t, Kenzi and Annie are twin sisters and Im just there sister.
    Dylan: Oh okay, Hi im dylan!
    Annie: hi, Im annie
    Kenzie: Im Kenzi!
    Dylan: Nice to meet you!
    Twins: You to!(laughs)
    Hayley: 🙂 Im soo happy that your her- who’s that?
    Annie: Relaxe ill get it.

    (opens it)

    Annie: Julian?
    Julian: Hi Annie.
    Annie: Um, what are you doing here?
    Julian: I wanted to apologize to Hayley..
    Annie: Well, I mean she’s kinda busy rn…
    Julian: Oh okay, well can you give her these roses?
    Annie: of course…
    Julian: Thanks bye annie
    Annie: Um bye?

    (closes door)
    pt 5

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