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There once was a girl called chinderella. She was as ugly as can be, she had big droopy eyes, snot-filled nostrils, radioactive breath but worse of all she had a giant chin. Her chin stuck so far out that when she walks down the street people have to stay 5ft away from her or else they’ll get knocked to the ground.despite chinderallas disgraceful and disgusting facial features her sisters were stunning. Every prince in the world was in love with these too elegant mistresses. They went to ball after ball after ball every night leaving chinderella home. They always invited her but she always declined. chinderella would just facetime her friends and scroll down instagram. After one loooong part cinderella’s sisters came home to find chinderella talking to their step-father. He was screaming and screeching at chinderella causing her to tear up. Then the door slammed shut and what sounded like a picture frame shattered to the ground.the two sisters waited and waited outside the door trying their best to eavesdrop that’s when the door flinged open right into their faces. Chinderella was in tears, her face covered blood… chinderella said “you’ll pay for this you will!” then he went to her room where she continued to sob repeatedly.the sisters felt awful so they knocked on chinderella’s door but she didn’t answer. Annabelle told Elizabeth to give her some space. And that’s what they did.

The next day, annabelle and elizabeth were eating lucky charms when chinderella walked in. she looked worse the ever! She had bruises all over her and a deep scar over her eye. She didnt say a word, neither did the sisters they all sat in silence until the step-dad came in. the step-dad also known as Jeff has been with these children for 18 years. He was meant to be the father for both children but unfortunately ended up as a step-dad. Jeff was a really nice guy, he was loveable, bubbly, ecstatic but that all changed when josephine died (Jeffs wife and annabelles,elizabeths and chinderellas mother.) no one knew who killed her and no ones ever really known but jeff believes its chinderella… jeff sluggishly walked towards the coffee maker and made a cappuccino. he ruffled annabelle’s hair and winked at elizabeth he didn’t even look at chinderella. There was another huge party that was happening and once again elizabeth was invited and once again chinderella declined. Jeff went to work in the mines and chinderella was home alone. Instead of facetiming her friends she went on instagram and twitter and did the worst possible thing… She posted a wall of rumors about Annabelle and elizabeth. Which caused them to get kicked out of the party. People looked at them with disgust and called them millions of names. When they arrived home they could hear giggling coming from chinderellas room. As soon as they tried to reach the door handle the front door swung open to reveal… JEFF. and Jeff was furious. His face was completely red with anger and his eyes were blazing balls of fury. As soon as the girls saw him they ran into their room ignoring chinderella. While they slept peacefully their father crept into their room and grabbed his toy samurai sword that they were going to sell and cut off their feet, their hands, legs and arms. Leaving the poor girls unable to move. When the girls woke up they found themselves drenched in thick oozing blood. When chinderella saw them she scream an ear piercing scream then knelt down to their level. Chinderella chanted “im sorry, im sorry im sorry please forgive me.”
Jeff heard the screams and went into to the girls room to find chinderella next to them. He then picked annabelle and threw her in the road, then she picked up elizabeth then threw her into the road and finally he picked up the deceased, rotting corpse of josephine on the road… SPLATTER!

He then faced chinderella behind his back he had a boy.. The prince who invited elizabeth and annabelle, he pushed him forward and knelt down on one knee. He pulled a box from his pocket holding a beautiful dazzling diamond ring. She was about to say no when she looked at her fathers face… he had this wicked, twisted smile. She went through the princes legs and ran away leaving her Gucci slider behind her. Chinderella disguised herself to look like a gorgeous princess. Jeff went everywhere and back to find chinderellla and he did. Since she was caught she was forced to marry the prince. No one was allowed to her wedding, no one was allowed at her house no one was allowed anywhere near her. She was a bird in a cage. Trapped for eternity.

By taejah

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