Christmas Confusion written by Elizabeth Langford November 2023

Elizabeth Langford November 15, 2023
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Naomi shivered as the rain massaged her slumped shoulders Naomi shivered there was something that is different her eyes were cast down as she wound her way through the familiar dark forest on her normal way home from school it was the last day of classes before the holidays but she wasn’t feeling excited and she wasn’t in a hurry to get home there was something strange about the day and Naomi struggled to understand why she frowned at something ahead of her and she cocked her head to one side something suddenly caught her eye she squinted into the wet and miserable day she noticed a glowing light ahead of her she narrowed her eyes towards the strange light it was coming from a very special Christmas tree that she’d never seen before this is my forest how in the world have I never seen this tree before? Naomi wondered in amazement it was crooked tree leaning slightly towards her with a tangle of the roots that met just above her head it created a perfect cave she walked hesitantly up to the tree she could almost walk right through it as she explored it a little closer Naomi noticed that it was more like a tunnel than a cave wow Naomi she said aloud as she marvelled at the tree her hands explored the rough bark and she slowly shuffled forward into the tree tunnel there was sunlight beaming through the other side if Naomi thought long enough she would have realised that there was no bright sunlight on this miserable dark day but she was spellbound and herself moving towards the sunlight but she walked into the tunnel of roots Naomi suddenly felt her world slipping away from her as she was thrust forward she was meeting pickle sweet she bowled head first into bright sunlight with her breath held the story was true she went twisted and turned and in a flash it was all over she landed on something cold but incredibly soft as if landing on a soft pillow of whipped cream on the other side of the tree she squinted as her eye got used to the light she brought her hand to her face to protect her eyes from the brightness the sky was a vibrant shade of turquoise and the ground shimmered white

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